Pantone once again opts for purples and chooses the colour Very Peri as the trend colour of the year 2022.

The American company Pantone has just unveiled the colour that will star in 2022 and set trends in art, fashion and design: it is 17-3938 Very Peri, a shade that has been created by the company itself and which fuses the tranquillity of blue with the energy of red. According to Leatrice Eiserman, executive director of the brand, “It is literally the happiest and the warmest of all the blue hues. Because of that red undertone, it introduces an empowering feeling of newness, and newness is what we’re looking for.”

But how can we introduce the colour of the year into our home? Here are some suggestions.

This shade of purple is an appealing, enigmatic colour that will undoubtedly fill our home with freshness and optimism, but it must be used in a certain way.

While the Pantone Colour of the year 2021, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, were light colours that could be easily used on large surfaces such as walls and furniture, Very Peri is full of personality that will capture all eyes and steal the limelight, so we will need to choose the pieces carefully and add small doses to avoid it being too much. We can integrate it into our homes through accessories such as vases, sheets or flowers and even give the final touch to a piece of furniture with an upholstery. 

As it is such a powerful colour, we recommend combining it with calm and soft tones such as white or beige, and even choosing a chocolate brown or wood to create contrast. Any other mixture with dark tones will overload the space and will make it lose the freshness and vitality that it brings us. 

On walls

Very Peri colour of the year as interior wall features

Instead of painting an entire wall in this colour, which in the long run can be tiring, it is better to opt for a wallpaper or a mural with brushstrokes in this tone combined with other colours, which will help to create a very fresh and cheerful atmosphere. A complete wall in this colour could be a bit overwhelming and visually reduce the space. 

In furniture

Red armchair next to purple settee in cozy living room interior with wooden cupboard and lamp

Although this type of colour is always recommended in small doses, of course you can have a central piece that draws all the attention. Dare with an armchair, a headboard or even a sofa, but bear in mind that the rest should be relegated to the background. To do this, combine your piece with others in softer tones that balance the space. 

In accessories

There are countless possibilities for the colour of the year to be present in our home without the need for major transformations. Accessories will make our home look trendy without making a big investment: a blanket at the foot of the bed, some cushions on the sofa, some paintings with purple motifs or a vase in the centre of our table. 

With flowers

Colour of the year

We are lucky that there are many varieties of plants and flowers with purple tones that are very affordable and easy to look after. Decorate your tables with hydrangeas, orchids or fresh lilies. Potted heather and lavender, apart from being more lasting, will also add a touch of colour and look perfect on any shelf or mantelpiece in the living room or kitchen. 

As you can see, whether to a greater or lesser extent, there are lots of ways to introduce this year’s Pantone colour trend and make your home look in vogue. Do you dare to integrate Very Piri into your home?

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