Upcycle wooden drawers into under-bed storage project in collaboration with My Thrifty Life

It can be a challenge to keep your home tidy, especially when you’ve got youngsters at home all day, so why not make the tidying process easier with some handy under-bed storage? This upcycling project makes use of old wooden drawers salvaged from different broken chests of drawers and turns them into useful storage that fits neatly under the bed, sofa or coffee table. Low-profile castors make it easier to access the drawers once they’re full, just measure the height of the gap and make sure the box will fit underneath once the castors are added. 

Upcycle wooden drawers ideas
(C) Andy Greenacre and My Thrifty Life by Cassiefairy

You can make a cartoon-themed drawer for children to help them tidy away their toys, or you could create a handy roll-out box for teenagers’ trainers. You can make multiple drawers to fit along the length of a bunk bed and either go for a coordinating finish or let kids decorate their own personalised drawer in vibrant colours. If you want to add more storage beneath your own double bed, why not add maps or photos to the interior for a grown-up version? 

Check out the step-by-step DIY project to make this handy under-bed storage drawers here.

Project created by My Thrifty Life by Cassiefairy with photography by Andy-Greenacre.co.uk 

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