To celebrate the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan, we thought we would help you out with some money saving tactics for an outdoor wedding. We know how expensive weddings can be, but with our ideas for outdoor DIY wedding venues you can still have a beautiful wedding whilst keeping a lid on your budget! Fortunately, many of these DIY ideas can also be transferred to other outdoor events too! You’ll be so proud of hosting a DIY outdoor event that you’ll be made of honour

DIY Wedding Flowers

Flowers can take up a lot of a wedding’s budget, our first tip is that if you are going to buy them them from a florist then try not to mention that it’s for a wedding straight away. That way, you can see what their prices are like before the wedding mark-up fee, and they are likely to stick to their original price rather than charging you more just because it’s a bigger occasion.

However, to really save some money, we recommend growing your own roses in your garden first (if you have the time!). You can grow them from your own cuttings by selecting roses with long, strong and healthy stems. Make the cuttings 25cm long, leaving one leaf at the top but removing the rest. Our top tip is to stick the cutting into a potato before planting it in the soil – this will make sure that the plant receives enough moisture to prevent it from drying out.

To prepare your rose bouquets by hand, first place them all in a tall bucket filled with cool water and floral preservative. Then, gently take the outer layer of bruised petals off each head and skim the thorns with a sharp floral knife (note: make sure that you don’t cut them off as they act as a water reservoir!). Next, cut the bottom of each stem at an angle and immediately place them back into the cold water until they fully ‘open up’ again. Once the roses have fully opened, begin to arrange them by placing one stem between your forefinger and thumb and then adding each stem on top of the previous one until you have created a bouquet (this is fiddly, but worth it!). Remember to keep checking the top of the bouquet to ensure that that it is round and balanced. Finally, wrap the bouquet in stretchy floral tape (available at craft stores) leaving a 2 inch gap at the bottom so that you can place the flowers back into the water until you’re ready to use them!

Another tip is to add Gypsophila (also known as baby’s-breath, shown below) around the bouquet to give it a finishing touch! The flowers can be found very cheaply and also look great as hair pieces, center pieces on the table, and as decorations.

thehandymano mano mano diy outdoor wedding party decoration rose bouquet 2


Don’t go bacon my heart – Food and Drink Ideas

Catering for a large number of people is never cheap, so have you ever considered doing a large barbecue instead? It can take some planning, but can leave your guests full with good food for a much smaller price!

When planning your menu, it is important to consider the person who will actually be running the grill – we recommend asking a trusted friend or neighbour, or asking your family to take turns on it (depending on the size of your wedding). Once you have organised this, then you can buy meat in bulk such as pork, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, burgers and seafood…)and focus on creating some delicious sides! Consider serving your salads in mason jars, and corn on the cob on a stick, keeping in mind that it can’t be too messy to eat! Some other great side dishes are fruit, coleslaw, potato salad and grilled vegetables. For dessert, it’s worth noting that wedding cake goes with everything (yes, even barbecues 😉 ), however, you can always serve bite size summer desserts such as ice cream, cheesecake or grilled peaches instead to really keep within the rustic barbecue theme.

For the drinks, you can use a either a planter or a wheelbarrow to keep them cool. Simply fill it up with lots of ice and place your glass bottles in to keep them cool! It an take them up to an hour to cool down so we recommend topping it up with water to encourage the ice to melt and submerge the bottles fully.

 thehandymano mano mano diy outdoor wedding party decoration barbecue

Remarqueeable DIY Garden Wedding Decorations

Even if your wedding is in the middle of Summer, make sure you have an ‘indoor’ area available for guests in case the British weather turns against you! A gazebo or a marquee can provide cool shade from the sun or shelter from any rain and keep you and your guests happy! As the structures are relatively simple, it gives you a lot of freedom with how to decorate it! Fairy lights can add a perfect touch as the sun begins to set, and you can use solar lamps around pathways to make sure that your guests don’t go stumbling anywhere. For the day time reception, you could also use Tulle, the most versatile fabric for weddings, to drape around entrances and make the gazebo romantic.


thehandymano mano mano diy outdoor wedding party decoration marquee

Wood you just look at that!

We are clearly unable to write an article without including our favourite pallets! Pallets are so easy to disassemble an assemble again that we can’t stop finding new uses for them. They’re also great because you can often find them for free (find out how here) which can help you save some extra money at your DIY wedding. So, what do we suggest you use the pallets for? Here’s a list of just a few ideas:

-Personalised signs for information or adorable purposes (see photo below)

-Build your own comfortable chairs like this one or stack them up and throw a blanket over them!

-Build your own easy bar! Find out how to here

-To make your own lanterns like this one

-To show your guests their seating plan (you can even leave the pallet unpainted for a more rustic feel if you want)


thehandymano mano mano diy outdoor wedding party decoration pallet


What do you call a melon that’s not allowed to get married? A cantelope…

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