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We found the 5 most amazing DIY projects in Europe! 

What is The Amazing Making Of?

The Amazing Making Of is a web series depicting DIYers who have started amazing, wild projects.
The idea is to share the stories of those incredible makers, doers, inventors, and creators across 5 European countries by giving them the visibility that they deserve. We held a competition throughout June to find these makers and we had so many incredible applications! Each country has as winner who will receive £5,000 towards tools and materials for their project, and they will become the star of their own episode later this year (don’t miss out and subscribe to our YouTube channel here!)– amazing, right?!


UK WINNER – Gavin Munro

The Amazing Making Of Competition Winner Gavin Munro Tree
Designer & artist, Gavin Munro trains trees to grow in a certain way allowing him to grow solid and unique furniture (chairs, tables, lamps, etc.). Each tree takes 4 to 6 years to grow. It’s nature’s very own 3D printer!

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FRANCE WINNER – Xavier Pilorge

The Amazing Making Of Competition Winner France Xavier Pilorge

Passionate about cars and welding, this Father and Son team have recently started to construct their own buggy from scratch!

SPAIN WINNER- Iván Lopez Negredo

The Amazing Making Of Competition Winner Spain Airplane

These eighteen year olds built their own functioning plane from scratch!

GERMANY WINNER- Maximilian Auerbach 

The Amazing Making Of Competition Winner Germany Piko

Maximilian recycled old bicycles to create a heard of 8 operating high-tech animals.

What’s next?

While we start the countdown to filming our winners, let us know which project you like best by heading onto our Twitter page!

Until then, keep an eye on our Youtube Channel and send us your own DIY project to our Instagram – we love seeing what you’ve been making!


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