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The most French of American series, Emily in Paris, is back for a new season! To celebrate, ManoMano has gathered ideas to help you decorate your bedroom (or your whole home) in the best “la vie en rose” style and achieve that elusive Parisian interior design feel.

If there is a character that has dazzled us over the last year for her sweetness and spontaneity, it is Emily Cooper in the Netflix hit Emily in Paris, and not only for this; her outfits and looks have set trends as well as the elegant interiors full of details, pastel colours and sophistication. It is more than proven that the combination of glamour, luxury brands and gorgeous dresses still works perfectly, and if we add Paris as a backdrop, we have the perfect cocktail.

So, if you’re a fan of Emily in Paris, the city of light and Parisian style in general, follow these tips to give your French-Scandinavian bedroom that Champs-Élysées vibe.

Parisian interior design: soft colours 

To give your bedroom a Parisian feel, you don’t need to make big changes to the furniture, but you should use a colour palette in gentle, neutral tones. If you want to give it a soft, romantic feel, choose a range of whites and pinks, both on the walls and in your decorative accessories. The overall effect will be both relaxing and chic. If, on the other hand, you prefer it to exude glamour and character in equal parts, dare to use touches of grey, black and gold in accessories and centrepieces. Another option for making your walls stand out is to create a contrast with a beautiful floral wallpaper that adds a touch of vintage delicacy. If your tastes are more classic and you prefer something more timeless, how about a Toile de Jouy print with pastel country patterns for the dressing area? The result: a Parisian-style bedroom you’ll never want to leave. 

Mouldings, a ‘must’

If there’s one thing that’s characteristic of any historic Parisian home, it’s the elaborate plaster mouldings that embellish the walls, ceilings and doors. If you want the same effect, but much quicker and cheaper, you can always do a DIY job with mitre-cut wooden mouldings painted white. Just stick them on the walls and doors with a good adhesive… And voila, an effective Parisian touch in an instant! 

(DIY) Fireplace for Parisian interior design

Fireplaces are great for Parisian interior design

Add a decorative fireplace to your bedroom wall for a touch of warmth. You can make it yourself out of wood and paint it white. Don’t forget to decorate the fireplace with candlesticks, ceramic vases and gold accessories to give it a French and vintage touch.

Parisian dressing room 

If there’s one thing we love most about the city of light, it’s Parisian women and their style when it comes to their wardrobes. And what better than to adapt our wardrobe or dressing room to have our best outfits and accessories stored in style. If you have a lot of bags worth showing off, why keep them in a wardrobe when they can be part of the decoration? You can display them on an open shelf to enjoy them to the max. Dare to mix and match and tuck your favourite shoes among them, with pretty boxes or flirty bags. If you don’t want them to get dusty, you can choose to put glass doors on them. If space allows, place an island unit where, apart from offering extra storage for your folded clothes, you can display all your jewellery and accessories in an orderly fashion. Marble trays or glass jewellery boxes will not only help you with organisation, but will also add a very sophisticated touch to the ensemble. Don’t forget to add a beautifully framed full-length mirror and a light-coloured shag rug to this area, and of course, a nice French-style chandelier.

If, on the other hand, your space is limited, perhaps you could opt for an upholstered pouffe that is as aesthetic as it is versatile, since, apart from serving as storage for shoes, it can also be used as a coffee table to place a few aromatic candles on, or even as a place to rest your Parisian breakfast. Sunday mornings with croissants and café au lait, nothing less!

Parisian interior design

Mouldings, gilding, marble, fresh flowers, scented candles… go for it because Parisian interior design is more fashionable than ever! 

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