Lifestyle and interior expert Lisa Dawson is renowned for sharing her tips and advice on home, garden and DIY with the glossy magazines and leading brands. Lisa has partnered with us to share her insight on the leading late autumn/winter 2021 trends around the home and garden.

Autumn/Winter Trend 1: Country Style

Country style  autumn winter trend
Country decor with warm tones & traditional pattern

As the nights draw in and we head inside, our homes need to be comfortable and welcoming. Country decor is the perfect autumnal style, with traditional pattern, warm tones and natural materials leading the way. Cushions and throws in large checks are perfect for a cosy night in and lighting the log burner sets the mood. Recycled and reused is a key part of this look so go for worn vintage style rugs and lots of natural woods and aged materials such as concrete and washed rattan. Add potted cactus and succulents in textured tonal pots for that true country style.

Top Tip: Don’t be scared to mix your patterns – checks work brilliantly with florals and rugs can be layered.

Autumn/Winter Trend 2: Earthy Tones

Earthy, warm tones will be a key autumn/winter 2021 trend
Earthy, warm tones will be a key autumn/winter 2021 trend

As our passion for nature starts to move into our homes, so too is the trend for warm, earthy tones in our décor. A cool, calming look, it’s perfect combined with warm neutrals and natural materials and is perfect for promoting a relaxing ambience with a restricted tonal palette. Plaster pink seating in textured jumbo cord work beautifully alongside deep pile rugs and earthy patterns, whilst accessories in contrasting textures such as soft weaves and natural stone bring layers to the space. Woven cane is timeless and perfect for this trend – team with large scale plants for a minimal and stylish aesthetic.  

Top Tip: The key to this trend is to keep it simple and chic without too much going on – large scale art works well. 

Autumn/Winter Trend 3: Christmas – Décor

Natural colours and materials mixed with warm lighting for a cosy Christmas
Natural colours and materials mixed with warm lighting for a cosy Christmas

Natural, warm tones are key to this years Christmas décor. The trend for bringing the outside in is reflected in our interior choices and this has resulted in more muted, earthy colours that fit with this ethos. Silver and white decorations with textured surfaces can be mixed perfectly on the tree and hanging glass tealights add glow and warmth. Garlands in soft browns and natural materials such as wood are perfect for adorning our homes and strings of star lights create a feature. Add a retro edge with disco ball baubles which will make your room sparkle in the winter light. 

Top Tip: Combine greenery from your garden with faux to maximise this look.

Autumn/Winter Trend 4: Christmas – Outdoor Space

Outdoor Christmas decorations including wood and twinkling lights
Outdoor Christmas decorations including wood and twinkling lights

Over the last year, we have learned to make the most of our homes and this has given our outdoor areas a new lease of life. Creating a cosy Christmas space will bring an extra element to the festive season and lighting is the first place to start, with warm white garland lighting adding a welcoming touch. Natural materials are key to this look with wood, faux fur and plenty of seasonal greenery creating a room in which to celebrate. An outdoor stove will be a focal point for the arrangement whilst keeping you warm when the nights are cold.  

Top Tip: Making the logs a display in themselves adds to the cosy, Christmas ambience.

Autumn/Winter Trend 5: New Year Entertaining

Velvet will be a key autumn/winter 2021 trend
Mix sumptuous velvet chairs with gold, marble and brass for NYE glitz

Party time calls for ALL the glitz and adding the wow factor to your room is essential when you’re planning on New Year entertaining. A brass drinks trolley sits perfectly alongside gold and marble accessories and luxe materials such as velvet chairs, pouffes and deep patterned cushions will add texture and make the evening feel extra special. Large, cosy Berber rugs are a flexible addition and Moroccan silver lantern lights add to the mixed metallics.  A stand alone outdoor bar with stools is the ultimate in New Year entertaining and can be used year round for sociable evenings with friends.  

Top Tip: Adding Moroccan touches to this scheme breaks up the room and adds interest. 

Autumn/Winter 2021 trends article written by Lisa Dawson.

Lisa is an award-winning interior and lifestyle writer, workshop presenter and content creator, who covers key topics and insight across home, garden and DIY. 

With Halloween 2020 falling over a weekend and a full moon, we could be in for a real treat. To celebrate, we have put together a frighteningly tempting selection of our top Halloween decorations, from hanging lanterns to inflatable ghouls and novelty accessories for your pets. Read on for some devilish inspiration if you dare…


Trick out your home with some of our top Halloween decor, including an inflatable pumpkin and ghost tree, hanging witch hat lights, and a pet Halloween costume!

ManoMano’s spookily tempting Halloween Decorations
  1. Hanging light up witches hat – £7.99
  2. Pumpkin scratching mat for cats – £13.77
  3. Pet bat costume – £7.99
  4. Skeleton arm decoration – £8.45
  5. Skull hand lamp – £6.99
  6. Halloween lamp – £5.99
  7. Scary inflatable tree – £48.99 


Give your home a simple seasonal makeover this October with some of our festive ideas! We’ve put together some spooktacular deals at our one-stop-shop for the scariest Halloween decorations, for both inside and outside. Pumpkins & ghosts & skulls, oh my!

Devilish deals for ManoMano Halloween Decorations
  1. Trick or treat hanging decoration – £5.99
  2. 4 piece porch decorations – £9.18
  3. Pumpkin lantern string – £4.99
  4. Pumpkin lantern – £12.99
  5. Skull piggy bank – £24.90
  6. Inflatable ghost – £28.99
  7. Skull bandana – £5.99

For further seasonal inspiration and ideas, check out ManoMano’s complete Halloween section.

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It’s the ManoMano Autumn Sale! Whether it’s a new armchair, side table or radiator, we have cherry picked some of our favourite deals. Enjoy!

Sale: Cosy Living Spaces

What better occasion to complete the finishing touches to make your interiors cosy and functional this winter. Coat racks, floor lamps and pouffes with soft and warm materials – you name it, we’ve got it in the ManoMano Autumn Sale!

Cosy living spaces with the ManoMano Autumn Sale
Warm materials create a cosy living space

Bedside cabinet: £59.99 instead of £111.98 – 2. Hanging pendant light: £49.99 instead of £59.99 – 3. Velvet accent chair: £137.99 instead of £196.99 – 4. Plant pot £20.63 instead of £35.07 – 5. Coat rack: £71.99 instead of £143.98 – 6. Geometric velvet bench: £67.99 instead of £84.99 – 7. Velvet pouffe: £29.99 instead of £53.78

Sale: Keep warm

Stay toasty as the season gets cooler. Here are our top picks from the ManoMano Autumn Sale for ways to keep warm!

Keep warm with the ManoMano Autumn Sale
Optimise your interior space to keep warm

Log burner: £303.95 instead of £597.99 – 2. Vertical radiator: £130.23 instead of £379.99 – 3. Two wood bar stools: £113.99 instead of £148.99 – 4. Radiator cover: £72.89 instead of £86.99 – 5. Electric fireplace: £119.99 instead of £189.99 – 6. Wicker log basket: £13.99 instead of £14.99 – 7. Wooden floor lamp: £89.99 instead of £114.99      

For further sale inspiration, discover the complete selection of our discounted products from the Autumn Sale.

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The day the clocks go back is somewhat monumental. It’s the day we lose an hour of daylight, but gain an extra hour in bed 😉. If you are or know of the kind to go into immediate hibernation as soon as the sun sets, spread the word – the day isn’t over! This post will ensure that the clock change means you can still make the most of your day, light or dark.

Meeting the night wildlife

Although our instincts may be to go back inside when it gets dark, many animals just outside our doorstep do the exact opposite. By using any pet food or leftovers that you might have and leaving them outside, you could attract the local neighbours of badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, bats or even deer if you’re lucky! It’s can be pretty breathtaking to watch nature in all its glory.

Star and planet gazing

Not only can you see so much already from your back garden on a clear night, but you’ll be able to also see the whole sky so much clearer with simply a pair of binoculars or a birdwatching telescope should you have them handy. It’s a wonderful activity to do with the kids as you can teach them about space and the different moon phases.You can show them the full moon on the 23rd of November, whether they think it’s made out of cheese or not. 😉

Light a bonfire

This is a really sociable way of getting your friends and family outside during the colder months. Getting some wood together and a box of matches (and even some wooden scraps from an old DIY) is the perfect recipe for an evening of toasted marshmallows and great conversation, you’ll want seconds.

Visit a viewpoint

This may only apply to those of you who live near or in a city, but it’s a beauty. A great thing to do as the sun sets or as soon as it gets dark is to go to your favourite highpoint and take in a view of the city. The street lights and tiny houses will make it seem so small, and you get perspective on how huge everything really is!

Make some DIY lights

A great way to celebrate the darker months is to decorate your space with your own DIY creations. You can even use leftover firewood or things around the house, to light up your indoor or outdoor space. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, this blog post has 20 great ideas for light ideas you can make yourself. We also have a tutorial on how to make your own upcycled glass bottle light and a plastic concrete pendant light. De-light-ful!

Plant some shade-friendly greenery

There’s no denying that as the clocks go back, not only is it a sign of the coming cold but it also means that your plants don’t get as much light per day. So, here’s a heads up on some fern-tastic plants which grow in these conditions.

A plant that will give your garden a spot of colour and are perfect for this time of year are autumn crocuses. If you’re looking for greenery which loves the extreme shade look no further with Autumn ferns. They don’t need too much care when integrated into your garden, and Japanese maples are trees which are ideal to plant in Autumn, are relatively easy and will give you flowers in early to mid spring.

Camp with your kids

A guaranteed way of bringing the kids outside when the clocks turn back is by using your back garden as a camping ground. What better way to bring them on an adventure – on your own home turf! Activities such as teaching them how to set up a tent, playing around with hand shadows from a torch  or listening out for owls will give them an experience of being that little bit closer to nature!

We hope you enjoyed this post are now looking forward to the clocks changing! Enjoy spending time doing lots of fun activities with family and friends, and quite literally, have the time of your life!


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Here are a few ideas to hopefully give you some inspiration of some less obvious ways of subtly adding autumnal touches to your home as the cold draws in!


1. Add touches of autumnal colours

Different shades of deeper reds, yellows and browns will fit unbe-leaf-ably well with autumnal aesthetic. This colour scheme still stays within a neutral palette, yet adds some warmness to your home.


2. Brighten your home up with plants

Adding seasonal house plants is always a good idea. It’s been said that adding some nature and greenery to your space will help you to de-stress, which means that a pop of colour is simply a huge bonus. 😉

Autumnal Chrysanthemums and Bromeliads are gorgeous examples of autumnal house plants which can add vibrancy to your home and leaf you smiling.


3. Get some wood

Wood similarly has warmer tones in it and contributes to the ‘outdoors is indoors’ feel. Wood-n’t you love a bit of a rustic edge to your space? There are so many pieces of indoor furniture which use wood – why not turn over a new leaf and switch up your stool for a wooden one?


4. Warm up with candles and fire

Any form of (non dangerous) flame in a home is guaranteed to autumn-atically make your space so much more cosy! You can mix it up with candles of different sizes and smells, or even light up a wood fire.


5. Bring in the furs and rugs  

Added Hygge or comfort is a huge indicator that we’re entering into the colder months. Having a rug or blanket on hand in your space means that you’re guaranteed never to get chilly. Furr-ntastic!


We hope you picked up some tips on how to keep your home cosy yet seasonal this Autumn! Anyone who steps into your home will want to know where you got your inspiration from. 😉


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