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How to self build your home with Open Building Institute

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Did you know that you can self build your home in just five days and for only £20k? It sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Well, thanks to Open Building Institute (OBI), a Kickstarter project developing an open source eco-building toolkit, you can now design a self-assembly home that can be reconfigured to grow with your family and that respects the environment without splashing out big bucks and without having masses of technical know-how.

You lost me at open source!

“Open source” is a computer software that is publicly accessible, allowing its design to be studied, modified, made and shared for free.

OBI have thus created a publicly accessible library of building modules for every aspect of home-building (walls, windows, doors, roof, utility and functional modules, etc.) that you can use for free.

The project’s aim is to enable anyone to rapidly construct ecological housing in a cost-friendly way. A truly low-cost solution to self building, with a 750sq ft home costing around £20,000.

Self build your home
Examples of building modules available

How does it work?

Self build construction can be a lot simpler than it first appears! OBI have standardised building blocks and materials so that you can design and reconfigure your house as your needs grow. Designers from around the world have compiled a variety of house models to build anything from a small studio to a large family house in a sustainable way.

Self build your home

To start, simply choose your construction parts and download design, building and development guides from the online library. You put the parts together just like building blocks!

With this modular system, a rapid build design can be built in as little as 5 days by a large group of fairly inexperienced people.

Community is at the heart of this project. OBI hopes that people will address their own requirements and share them with the rest of the community to add to online collective knowledge and facilitate construction.

Will you self build your home?

Self build your home

The Open Building Institute recognises that, although some people will wish to build a DIY home in order to build as cheaply as possible, most people would prefer to call in professionals. OBI will thus be running instructional workshops for builders so that they can quickly provide low-cost rapid build housing.

Could this be the solution to the UK housing and construction crisis?

If you are interested in supporting this project, head to their Kickstarter page, or for more information check out their website.

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