It’s that time of year again… the moment when oversized house spiders start invading every nook and cranny in our homes and wink at you when you come fact to face with them. Spiders have their place in the world and we appreciate them keeping away pesky insects, but we’d much prefer that spiders stay outside which is why we’ve come up with these ideas for natural spider pest control.

No further dilly-dallying, here are our top tips for getting rid of house spiders and keeping them out!

Natural Spider Pest Control Top Tips:

Spider Pest Control the handy mano manomano spider

Clean up

Spiders love clutter! House spiders are usually attracted to cluttered areas such as stacks of storage boxes, piles of newspapers or magazines, crowded under-bed or -sink storage.

Spiders are less likely to live in a tidy home because there will be a fewer number of insects living there. By uncluttering your home, you will eliminate any potential spider nests as you’ll be getting rid of both their food supply and their hiding places!

Don’t forget to clean well and often by vacuuming in even the most difficult to reach places.

Catch up

We’ve all been faced with that horrifying moment of having to actually get rid of a pretty humongous house spider. Luckily for us, there are now plenty of wonderful inventions that mean we don’t ever have to touch one again.

The traditional method of using a glass and a piece of paper to safely transport the spider outside will usually suffice. But if that is still too close for comfort, install some spider traps around the house, or grab yourself a telescopic spider catcher.

Seal up

Once you have reduced the chance of spiders living in your home, make sure that they don’t come back!

For starters, ensure that your windows and doors shut properly (this will also help with your heating bill…). If this fails, start looking for other ways that spiders may be getting into your home. Seal up any holes, cracks, gaps with some caulk, fix torn window screens and cover over your vents with some fine mesh.

The smallest gap will be big enough for a spider to get in!

Ward off

There are a wide variety of chemicals and pesticides on the market that can kill spiders. However, these are often dangerous for your family and pets, and definitely not environmentally-friendly. Before trying any chemical products, try using natural methods.

Spray your house with peppermint, tea-tree, citrus or eucalyptus oil as spiders supposedly hate the smell. If that doesn’t work, spray the house spider with vinegar. Legend has it that placing conkers or walnuts will deter spiders from becoming house spiders. Remember to focus on windowsills and entryways to stop them getting in.

Failing all of that, you might need to get aggressive and call on some heavy duty spider repellent, or call in a professional.

Good luck all Arachnophobes, may the force be with you.

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