Whenever you cook with vegetables you always find yourself throwing away lots of green tops and leaves. But there are lots of plants that you can regrow from waste food. Although regrowing the plants can take a while, it’s a great way to reuse scraps. Give your plants the best start at life by growing them in a warm area with plenty of sunshine. These plants are listed in order of patience and skill required, so prepare to get your green fingers out!

1. Garlic

If your garlic cloves start to sprout, this is the perfect opportunity to give growing a shot. Simply place the cloves in a small glass of water and within 3-5 days you’ll have edible green tops! If you’re feeling brave you can at this point transfer them into soil and give growing a head a chance. But be aware growing a head of garlic takes several months and more skill!

regrow from waste food the handy mano mano manomano garlic

2. Romaine Lettuce

Once you get to the heart of your lettuce, simply cut off the bottom and place it in warm water. In 10-12 days you will have enough leaves to make a mean BLT.

3. Leeks

To give yourself some extra leak, soak the root in warm water for around 1-2 weeks. This will regrow a new set of leaves ready for your leak and potato soup!

4. Onions

Take the bottom of your onion and pop it into some soil. Once some roots appear remove the remaining onion and let it grow. In a few months you will have a whole onion!

5. Cut Herbs

Turn your cut herbs into plants with a bit of patience and this simple trick. Remove the leaves at the very bottom of the stems and soak them in warm water. After roots appear in 2-4 weeks pop them into some soil and enjoy your plant.

6. Celery

Give your celery a second chance at life by regrowing it from the bottom up. Place the bottom of your celery bunch into shallow water in  sunny spot. Once it starts to grow roots, after about a week, transfer it into some soil.regrow from waste food the handy mano mano manomano celery

7. Bok Choi

Follow the instructions for celery and enjoy tasty second growth of bok choi!

8. Carrot Greens

Don’t throw those carrot tops just yet! Place them in a shallow water for 1-2 weeks and then out into soil once they grow roots.  Although you won’t regrow a carrot, the green tops can be used in a variety of dishes from pesto to salad.

regrow from waste food the handy mano mano manomano carrot tops

9. Lemongrass

You could try growing lemongrass from seeds, or you could make life easier and grow more from leftover stalks. Just soak the roots in water until they start to grow roots. After 2-3 weeks you can transfer them into some soil and watch them grow, grow grow!

10. Potatoes

Potato eyes aren’t appetising, but each one has the potential to become a potato plant! Just chop up a potato that’s grow eyes and plant each piece into the ground. In a few months your potato plants will be bringing you a bountiful crop of tatties.

regrow from waste food the handy mano mano manomano potato potatoes eyes

11. Ginger

Using fresh ginger you can start to cultivate your own roots. Simply take off a piece and place it on top of some soil with the smallest buds resting on the soil. Once you see new growth repot your ginger and look forward to cooking with the freshest ginger ever.

12. Pineapple

Take your pineapple tops and turn them into pineapple plants. Although it takes several years to harvest an actual pineapple, you can enjoy a stylish house plant while you want. To get growing, take your pineapple top and remove the bottom leaves. Place the rest of the top into water until it sprouts roots and then transfer it into a pot.

regrow waste food the handy mano mano manomano pineapple top

13. Avocado

Bring an avocado tree into the world and do your bit for guacamole. This is a test of your patience as trees don’t grow fast, but they do add a splash of green into your life. Take the pit of your avocado and pierce it with toothpicks in three locations. Use these toothpicks to keep your avocado semi-submerged in a glass of water. After the pit has sprouted in around 8 weeks it can be transferred to a pot with soil.

regrow waste food the handy mano mano manomano avocado plat pit

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source: www.buzzfeed.com


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