It is no secret that in our busy lives we have little time to actually do what we want. And if reading is what you love to do, you have come to the right place, because we are going to show you how to create your own reading nook at home with ManoMano. It will be cosy and bespoke to fit your personal taste.

In order to create this reading nook, you might want to know about the niksen trend and think about how you can adapt it to your own space.

The idea behind the Dutch trend known as niksen, or the art of doing nothing, is to help us disconnect and relax our minds, in order to regain both our physical and emotional balance. In a nutshell, to be happier. We can start putting into practice this relaxation technique right in our homes, carefully creating the ideal space and environment to find our moments of peace. Your own reading corner at home is actually the perfect way to get started.

In this blog we offer you these tips and tricks to create your corner according to the niksen philosophy.

Reading nook design ideas
Reading nook design ideas (C) Avery Klein

Choose where to have your reading nook

Your own personal spot

Find an area in your home that is quiet and with beautiful views of the outside, or simply a spot where you feel extra comfy. Light some candles and put on some of your favourite music.

Don’t use any old furniture

A chaise longue, a nice sofa, or a comfy armchair in a soft colour will be perfect for putting into practice the niksen technique. It is essential that you choose a soft and comfortable seat, so that you can truly relax and let your mind flow. Put your feet up on a footrest for extra comfort.

Reading nook decorating ideas
Reading nook decorating ideas (C) Kam Idris

1. Lounge chair with footstool – £255.99

2. Grey rocking chair – £119.99  

3. Velvet chaise lounge – £479.00

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A minimalist space

Our reading corner should not be heavily decorated, but rather, the complete opposite. It is very important to keep it tidy. There must be enough storage space to keep things stored away and out of sight, leaving the corner neat and tidy. One option is to install a bookshelf with drawers with enough space for both our favourite books, as well as other objects. The idea is to have a space as free of clutter as possible.

Ensure your reading nook has shelving
Ensure your reading nook has shelving (C) Yehleen Gaffney

Key elements of your reading nook:

The importance of colour and material

Choose either plain or lightly patterned fabrics, as well as warm, calm tones: neutrals, greys, sand, whites… or any other colour that makes you feel calm. Use nice and warm fabrics. Wood and natural fibres are good choices for conveying a sense of calmness.

Lighting is key

Warm lights with dimmer control, a pendant lamp or a double wall lamp are perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Lighting is key to a cosy corner
Lighting is key to a cosy corner (C) Alexandra Gorn

4. Hanging wooden pendant light – £104.90 

5. Boho bamboo pendant light – £199.90   

6. X2 retro wooden wall sconces – £38.94  

7. Hanging rope lamp – £65.97

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Best plants for a relaxing reading nook

It is a good idea to include a good amount of green. Plants tend to have relaxing properties, they help reduce stress levels and clear up the mind. Put a kentia in a corner or small pots with your favourite plant. The idea is to create a space that fills you with well-being and calmness. After all of these tips and tricks, all that is left to do is pick up a good book and snuggle under your favourite blanket. It won’t take long before you begin to feel all the benefits that just a few minutes of relaxation every day can provide.

Add your favourite plants to your reading nook
Add your favourite plants to your reading nook (C) Andrea Davis

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