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Viewing our home almost 4 years ago, I fell in love with the fact that the kitchen was a decent size yet had a separate utility space at the end of it. But I knew immediately that the orange wood units, floor to ceiling tiles and dated fixtures had to go! After a slow renovation and re-renovation process of our home over the 3.5 years living here, we saved the best till last with the kitchen and utility renovation. A choice I don’t regret because aside from discovering new DIY hacks that made the old kitchen liveable, I was able to really assess how we used the space in order to determine our needs for a pantry makeover and bar area! In this blog post I will discuss how I planned the spaces and the thought process as well as trends that influenced the design decisions!

We also created a breakfast bar which we styled in partnership with ManoMano – keep reading to the second half of the article!

Pantry makeover guide

Step 1: Planning

Planning & dimensions for the pantry makeover
Planning & dimensions for the pantry makeover

When you have a small space to work with, measurements are vital. Not just to ensure you order the right items, but also to ensure you maximise the space! The first thing I did was measure out the full width and length of the room to assess what I could fit in it. I knew from our existing use of the space that we wanted to store food items, laundry items, our washing machine and deep freezer as well as tools and small kitchen appliances. 

I made a quick sketch of how I envisioned the space, noting all the things I could think of that would be stored and then began sourcing. I tried to be as precise as possible with regard to spacing between the shelving to ensure none looked uneven.

Step 2: Prepare the shopping list for the pantry makeover

Once I had a plan in place, I could get to the fun part – shopping!

Using ManoMano’s search engine is definitely my preferred way of navigating the site. And through it, I was able to select the perfect items for the new dual purpose space. It was important to us that we have sustainable and long wearing furnishings made from wood and metal for our pantry makeover; both were easily fulfilled with the options on the site. 

I selected 4 key pieces from ManoMano to achieve the perfect pantry makeover:

  • 6 industrial style Shelves – I knew I wanted something a bit more rustic and industrial for the pantry. It was also really important to me that we use sustainable materials. So when I saw the 140cm solid wood shelves with black brackets, I fell in love! 
  • Black and gold industrial light – the perfect lights to not only illuminate what is quite a small space, but also very in keeping with the modern industrial style I was going for. 
  • Three tier laundry cart – easily one of my favourite unique finds for the space is this laundry cart. I am constantly throwing things on top of the machine to include in washes, often mixing up colours in tow! So this cart seemed like the ideal way to store laundry and also cart the washing out to the drying line. Plus the baskets are removable so they also work well as general laundry baskets!
  • Pots and Pans rack – we had a wooden pots and pans rack in our previous utility space. It was highly functional but very old so the wooden hooks often fell off. Finding a metal replacement that was smaller in size was perfect!

Step 3: Demolish it all and reassess plans 

With the help of a contractor, we completely stripped the room down to the bones. Removed the existing floor to ceiling green tiles, wood cladded wall and ceiling and changed the flooring. 

Before pantry makeover

We used concrete screed to even out the floor and installed plasterboard and then plaster to ready the walls for painting and fitting. 

Once all stripped down, I quickly realised that the even corner I had sketched out, was not possible. I assumed the chimney breast below that poked out of the corner was removable cladding and as a result, ordered the same 140cm shelves as for the main wall. It also meant the shelves on the main wall wouldn’t be perfectly lined up as planned. Fortunately, as the chosen shelves were solid wood, we were able to cut them down to 90cm using a mitre saw similar to this one here. And on the plus side, I got 2 extra shelves out of it!

Step 4: Install the brackets 

Install the brackets for the pantry makeover

We used a laser level to mark out the points where the brackets needed to be installed. We did this initially before painting to prevent any cracks in the paint or imperfections in the finish. 

Shelves up
Shelves up

The shelves were heavy (solid wood and all) so it did require two people to lift and place onto the brackets before screwing into place. 

Step 5: Pantry makeover finishing touches

Pantry makeover with shelving and organisation
Completed pantry makeover

I filled the shelves with rows of glass and bamboo and cork lidded jars, installed the lights and pot rack, and added the laundry cart and with some additional storage baskets. And so our pantry makeover was complete! 

In addition to the pantry makeover, we also renovated our entire kitchen – below I’ll explain how I also partnered with ManoMano to create some style with function!

Bonus makeover: Breakfast bar

I managed to include two different styles in this renovation – industrial style for the pantry makeover and modern lux in the kitchen but I really wanted to find a way to include another design style I love: Japandi!

Breakfast bar: before
Breakfast bar: before
Breakfast bar: after
Breakfast bar: after

For this I decided to change the layout of the wall units on the left side of the kitchen. Rather than seeing the large unit in straight view upon entry to the room, I moved that unit to the left of the door. In its place I selected a pair of 120cm floating shelves. These serve a dual purpose; creating the illusion of more space, since the eye can now see the full length of the room to the wall. But also my favourite part – styling! Of course I wanted an excuse to add some purely decorative pieces to the space and some plants too!

The materials used for the Japandi breakfast bar:

  • Chopping boards – ManoMano stock some pretty quirky shaped chopping boards! I love how they are functional but can also be really stylish. 
  • Ceramic vases are great for creating that popular Japandi style
  • Real plants are a great addition to any shelving and these plant pots are perfect to store them
  • But if you’re not particularly green fingered, these cute artificial plants are very on trend
  • White & gold cutlery
  • Show-stopping bar stools

With the addition of the pantry, I knew we would not lose any space by altering the unit design of the new kitchen. By replacing the units and drawers with a shallow unit to allow for an overlapping breakfast bar, it fit in perfectly.

All I needed were the perfect kitchen stools. ManoMano basically read my mind, stocking a pair of the gold geometric stools I had my eye on but with the added luxury of velvet cushion pads. The stools create the perfect focal point in the room and that added opulence achieved by using gold as an accent.

Breakfast bar stools

Finished off with heat resistant placemats to protect my new quartz worktops and the ever so stylish complimentary white and gold cutlery sets, our kitchen dreams have truly been made!

Breakfast bar inspiration

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