If you fancy creating a summery beach style in your bathroom, why not have a go at making this upcycled pallet cabinet? The wood we’ve used is reclaimed from an old pallet and is sanded down to create a smooth driftwood-like finish. You can scale up the pallet cabinet to whatever size you’d like for your bathroom. We have used the sides and planks of the pallet to determine the overall size and this finished cabinet is 430 x 325 x 110mm.

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano finished

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial

By Cassie Fairy

Tools and Materials

To do this DIY project you’ll need the following tools:

Hand saw
Wrecking bar
Mitre box
Palm sander
Drill with drill bits
Router with cutting bits
1 x Pallet (the width of these planks is 73mm, you will need to adjust your measurements if the slats of your pallet are wider or narrower than 73mm)
700 x 800mm x 3m plywood sheet
Assorted sandpaper to fit your palm sander in course, medium and fine grits
Wood glue
6 or 8 x 65mm corner braces with screws
4 x mirror corners with screws
2 x magnetic catches with screws
2 x 75mm Butt hinges
20mm nails

Cost, time and difficulty

The approximate cost of materials for this project is £15, depending on the tools you already have. You can access the shopping cart of some of the tools and materials used through this link.

This project is quite simple and is therefore suitable for beginners. Depending on your DIY skills, this project shouldn’t take longer 4 hours to complete.


Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano measurements

Step 1: Cutting the planks

Use a handsaw to cut the surface planks away from the sides of the pallet. Cut across the first plank parallel to the inner edge of the supporting beam at the side of the pallet. Measure 322mm from the first cut and mark a line across the plank. Saw off the plank at this point to create a piece that measures 322mm x 73mm. Repeat until you have 6 planks. Finally, cut one or two extra pieces at 270mm long to use as shelves inside the cabinet. Use a palm sander to sand down all the planks until the edges are smooth and it resembles driftwood.

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano cutting planks

Step 2: Cutting the edges

Use a wrecking bar to prise the remaining ends of the planks off the supporting beam. This beam will become the frame of the bathroom cabinet so pull out the nails or hammer them in. From this piece of wood cut two pieces 325mm long and two pieces 430mm long. Use a mitre box to cut the ends at 45 degree angles with a handsaw. Use a palm sander to smooth all the surfaces.

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano cutting edges

Step 3: Cutting the back and front

Measure out two rectangles on your plywood sheet. The back piece should measure 320mm x 422mm and the front piece should measure 260mm x 370mm. Use a saw to cut out these pieces and carefully sand around the edges

Step 4: Making the door

Lay out the driftwood planks side by side. Apply wood glue to the front piece of ply and place on top of the planks to create a door for the cabinet. Use small nails to hold the back in place and allow the glue to dry thoroughly. Once the glue is dry, drill a hole in the centre of the door to hold the router guide arm in order to cut a circle. Use the router to cut away a circle from the centre and sand down the inside edges.

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano making door

Step 5: Assembling the cabinet

Apply wood glue to the angled corners and use a metal brace in each inner corner to support the frame. You can add one or more shelves inside the cabinet frame using more metal corner braces to support them. Apply wood glue to the back edges of the frame and position the plywood backing before nailing into place.

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano assembling cabinet

Step 6: Attaching the door

To finish the pallet cabinet, attach a square mirror tile (or use a recycled mirror from an old frame, like we have) to the inside of the door, behind the circle, using mirror corners. Add magnetic catches to the inside edge of the frame and add the magnets to the back of the door in the corresponding positions. Attach the door to the frame using two butt hinges.

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano attach door

Finished pallet cabinet:

Pallet Cabinet DIY Tutorial thehandymano mano mano finished

This article was written by Cassie Fairy. You can find Cassie’s blog ‘My Thrifty Life’ at Cassiefairy.com, where she shares daily blog posts about her home DIY projects, upcycled finds, low-cost recipes and plenty of inspiration for living a low lovely life on a budget.

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