Hey there! Firstly, just a quick thanks for joining this DIY and gardening help and advice group – we hope it’s everything you dreamed of in a Facebook group. We’ll get straight to it, as we know you have important things to be doing.

We ask that you don’t:

  • Make a post that has nothing to do with the world of DIY and gardening. We know you have lots of extensive hobbies and you ran that half marathon last year, but unfortunately, this group is not the place to be sharing it!
  • Make a post relating to an order you made on www.manomano.co.uk. We’re here to support you for all of your order queries, but we request that you talk to us in a private message via our main page.
  • Make violent, discriminatory, racist, hateful or defamatory statements about anyone inside or outside the group. This is a place for friendliness and help!
  • Make a post promoting or advertising a product or service. They’re pretty annoying.
  • Make a post offering discounts, coupons or promotional codes.
  • Make a post asking for likes, or similar ‘clickbait’ techniques.
  • Publish about contests or competitions.
  • Make defamatory remarks about companies, associations or individuals.
  • Promote your own personal beliefs or seek to convert people to these beliefs.
  • Present children in a dangerous situation
  • Make more than 5 comments per day if you are a professional (and these posts are of a commercial nature)
  • Promote other groups or Facebook pages (we’ll get jealous).
  • Post things of great controversy.
  • Post about meeting announcements.
  • Post job offers or make casting calls.
  • Offer your services.

UK Law applies to this group

We remind you that posts and comments must respect the rules set out above and be based on respect, trust, kindness and mutual help. We will not allow comments of an insulting, violet, discriminatory or defamatory nature.

ManoMano reserves the right to exclude anyone who does not follow the rules stated in this charter.

Thanks again for joining us!

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