A bath is the perfect place to relax with a book, a candle and a glass of wine. But sometimes you just don’t have enough hands to hold your wine, turn your pages, and twiddle the taps. If you want to do all of those things and enjoy the most relaxing bath, you need a bath tray. This tutorial shows you how to make a DIY wooden bath tray to take your baths to the next level.




Step 1. Cutting

Measure the width of your tub and then head to your nearest hardware store. Select your board of wood and have it cut to size. Most shops offer this service for free, but if your hardware store does not, you will need a saw to cut your board at home. Cut it slightly wider than your tub so that the tray will rest comfortably on the sides of your bath.

DIY wooden bath tray caddy the handy mano manomano wood plank


Step 2. Sanding And Staining

Once your plank is the right size it’s time to sand off any imperfections. Give your plank a light sanding and then grab a pair of gloves and your chosen colour of stain. Using a rag, rub your stain onto the plank and then leave it to dry. Check the instructions on your product to find the drying time.

DIY wooden bath tray caddy the handy mano manomano gloves stain wood


Step 3. Attach The Handles

Once your wood is dry, it’s time to turn it into a bath tray! To avoid having any screws sticking out the bottom of your tray, use a countersink drill bit. A countersink drill bit drills a small recess in the wood as well as a pilot hole. Thanks to the additional recess your screws will be flush to the wood. DIY wooden bath tray caddy the handy mano manomano handles

This is what your screws will look like with a countersink drill bit. Make sure to buy the correct size of countersink bit for your screws.DIY wooden bath tray caddy the handy mano manomano countersink screw


Step 4. Get A Grip

To make sure your beautiful new tray doesn’t slip off the tub it’s important to add some grip. Grippers stuck on the bottom of your tray will ensure that it stays securely balanced all evening long.
DIY wooden bath tray caddy the handy mano manomano grips


Step 5. Enjoy!

And that’s it! Your new DIY wooden bath tray is officially ready for it’s first test run. Pour a drink, light some candles, grab your favourite book, and prepare to pamper.

DIY wooden bath tray caddy the handy mano manomano

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source: thediyplaybook.com

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