Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers that we can give as a gift at any time of the year. And if we receive them, we can learn how to preserve a bouquet of roses so that they last longer. In this article, we will share how you can preserve your roses as well as some popular tips & tricks so that you can enjoy your flowers for longer. 

How to choose roses as gifts

The moment a flower is cut, it stops receiving the sap that will allow it to continue growing, open, and wait to be pollinated to form seeds. A good tip to make cut flowers last longer is to always choose those that have yet to open or are just beginning to open. 

This advice is also useful for flowering plants bought in pots: if the flowers have yet to open, you can enjoy their bloom at home or in the garden.

How to preserve your roses in 7 steps

1. Preserve your roses by removing the wrapping and putting them in water quickly

Preserve your roses by putting them straight in a vase

Although it is usual to receive a bouquet of roses wrapped in cellophane, the plastic prevents the flowers from breathing freely. As nice as it is, remove it completely so that the flowers get all the oxygen they need.

Help them recover from stress: use a container in which you can completely submerge the stems for a couple of hours. It doesn’t have to be the same vase in which you will place them later: a bucket will do.

2. Choose a vase and place it away from direct sunlight

It is important that the vase is very clean, with no traces of detergent. Rinse it several times if necessary and place it in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. We don’t want the sun to shine on the flowers as this will shorten their lifespan. Fill it halfway with water. Prepare the flowers, removing leaves and faded petals.

3. Check the flowers and remove any petals that may have fallen off

If they are tied up, some leaves may have become trapped: remove any leaves that, because of their position along the stem, are going to be submerged in the water. Any part of the plant that falls into the water in the vase will begin to degrade, and its rotting will cause the appearance of bacteria that are precisely beneficial for our flowers.

This is where the famous trick of aspirin or drops of bleach comes into play: both prevent the formation of bacteria in the water, thus extending the shelf life of the bouquet.

4. Cutting the stems diagonally every two or three days will help preserve your roses

Submerged stems also degrade and this prevents the roses from staying hydrated. Trim the stems using pruning shears or a knife if you do not have them. Kitchen or craft scissors squeeze the stem before cutting it, so the part responsible for absorbing water is crushed and you can preserve your roses for longer. 

5. Change the water in the vase every day

You can imagine that cleanliness is vital for preserving roses. Change the water in the vase daily and wash it if necessary. You may need to use a smaller vase at some point if trimming the stems makes the large one unstable. 

6. Preserve your roses by taking them outside at night

If it is not too cold, it may be worth taking the bouquet outside at night. The change in temperature will improve their oxygenation and lengthen their shelf life.

7. Remove the wilted flowers

Preserve your roses by removing wilted leaves

Just as we did at the beginning with the leaves or petals, it is equally important to remove the flowers that are getting damaged. The reason: it can cause the rest of the bouquet to wilt prematurely.

Drying a bouquet of roses to make it last forever

Roses are flowers that can be dried easily and with which we can form new compositions in our home. However, it is important to start the drying process when the roses are still in good condition. We recommend using one of these 3 methods:

1. Let the bouquet dry naturally in the vase itself

Remove the water from the vase and add a centimetre of clean water. Absorption and time will take care of the rest, slowly dehydrating the flowers. They will be completely dry after a month or so.

2. Hanging the bouquet upside down

Dry your bouquet of roses

This is perhaps the oldest method, but you also need to know how to proceed: hang the bouquet upside down in a cool, dark place. Use hairspray to keep the petals in place. Let the hairspray dry thoroughly before handling.

3. Dry the flowers with salt or silica gel

Salt absorbs moisture very well, and flowers are no exception. Use coarse cooking salt in a container or tray, form a layer of a couple of centimetres and place the flowers on it. Turn them over every day and let them dehydrate slowly.

The silica gel works very quickly but you will need enough to cover the entire bouquet. The most common way to proceed is to use an airtight container in which a layer of silica beads is formed on top of which the flowers are added. They are then covered with more gel and left to act for a week or a fortnight.

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