Glitter paint has been bringing a bit of sparkle into rooms everywhere, but buying it isn’t cheap. This post will teach you how to make glitter paint yourself! We’ve collected a few different ways for you to make glitter paint and bring that sparkle into your lives. This list also has 5 techniques, ranging from making DIY glitter paint with glue to using a liquid spray. With all these different options you can control your glitter effect and make sure you get the perfect sparkle.

How To Make Glitter Paint

1. Glitter Glue

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If you’re looking for a fully glittered wall, this is the approach for you. This will produce a textured and completely glittery wall in your colour of choice.  Make sure to put down a drop cloth before beginning as this can get messy! It is recommended to paint the walls a similar colour to your glitter beforehand as this will help to hide any gaps. To begin buy your clear glue or Mod Podge and glitter of choice. You will need a lot of glitter for this effect, around 60ml per sq foot! Add your glitter into the glue and mix, until you have a consistency similar to concrete. Use foam brushes to paste the mixture onto your walls in an upward motion. Once it dries, use a normal brush to touch up any slightly bare areas.

If you want to have a slightly subtler shimmer, you can add less glitter to your glue and use a roller to apply it. Around one cup of glitter to 3 litre of glue gives a nice shimmery coating. Avoid painting back over areas while still wet as this can ruin your glitter distribution. With both of these methods you can also mix in different sizes of glitter for an extra glitzy and unusual effect.

2. Glitter Paint Additives

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This is a simple way to create a slightly more subtle shimmer across your walls. First buy the paint colour you want to be your basic wall colour and your glitter paint additives. It is not recommended to use other types of glitter as they may react with the paint. Painting can be slow work and the glitter will tend to settle, meaning that you could end up with unevenly glittery walls. Therefore, with this approach is it best to find a paint to glitter ratio that you like and work in small batches.  When making each batch pay attention to mixing in the glitter, add it little by little and mix thoroughly. If possible use a drill mixing attachment or paint mixer to make sure that is it well mixed. Keep mixing your paint as you go to avoid settling. This approach will produce a subtle glittery effect.

3. Glaze Accent

If you want a slightly sparklier effect, glaze with added glitter is a good alternative. With glaze you can use some craft glitters, but it is recommended try test batches before you start. Similar to the steps for the glitter paint additives, simply add your glitter and mix. Paint one or more coats on your walls depending on how much glitter you want. With the glaze you can even mix up your coats and use different colours of glitter or flake size for each layer.

4. Blowing Glitter

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This fun approach will give your walls a glittery accent. To start, paint the base colour and while it’s still wet blow glitter onto the wall. Keep blowing until your entire wall is glittery! Once it is dry coat it with a clear sealer or glaze. Be aware that this method will not give you an even covering of glitter, but it does lend a nice, antique feel. Before you begin, consider testing your glitter with your sealant as some types of glitter and sealant can react.

5. Spray Glue

This final approach for how to make glitter paint is a real party, and the fastest on the list. However, the glue is toxic so keep the room well aired and use a ventilator if possible. Cover the floor and tape off anything that isn’t supposed to be glittery before beginning. Start by spraying your wall in one, smallish area and then grab some glitter and throw it at the wall! Put on some disposable gloves and smear glitter into any open spots until the area is completely covered. Now just repeat until your entire wall is covered. When you’re finished, use a dry brush over the wall to remove any loose flakes. Finally seal it with a sealer or glaze and enjoy!

If you’ve enjoyed learning how to make glitter paint have a look at Incredible DIY Feature Wall Paint Ideas for more DIY inspiration. If you don’t feel like making your own after all, there are a huge variety of glittery paints and wallpapers at


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