Add a touch of privacy to your patio with this two-in-one pallet planter and privacy screen project, made using up cycled pallets.

You can decide the height of the screen and the depth of the planter to suit your needs and can fill it with pretty plants to provide a subtle barrier between your patio and the rest of your garden. Alternatively, you can place the pallet planter near your house to create a handy kitchen garden planted up with tasty fresh herbs and salad leaves.

Tools and Materials

the handy mano manomano diy pallet project tools

Set square and tape measure
Jig saw or circular saw
Hand saw
Palm sander
Stapler with staples

In addition, these materials will be needed:
7 x pallets, including 1 with thinner planks
Assorted sandpaper to fit your palm sander
20 x 2.5inch screws
Pack of 25mm nails
Woven weed control liner

Cost, time and difficulty

The approximate cost of materials for this project is £20, depending on the tools you already have. You can access the shopping cart of some of the tools and materials used here.

This project is suitable for DIYers with some experience of using power tools. Depending on your DIY skills and the tools you use, this project shouldn’t take longer 3 hours to complete.

Step 1

Measure the gap between the edge of the pallet and the central supporting timber. Halve this measurement and mark a line across the pallet at this point. Use a circular saw, jigsaw or hand saw to cut along this line. This will become the top edge of your planter.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet project saw cut

Step 2

The section you’ve removed will be positioned behind the top of the planter to line the inside. The section will be slightly off-set to cover the gaps of the pallet, so you’ll ned to saw off the excess wood at the end.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a second pallet to create another long-side of the planter.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet project measure

Step 3

Use a circular saw or jig saw to cut away the supporting timber from one side of another pallet. Next, cut along the central supporting timber to create short planks. Repeat on the other side of the pallet.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet project measure shorten wood

Step 4

Use these short planks to line the inside of the planter sides you’ve created. Use nails to attach the planks, covering the gaps in the pallet from the inside.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet planter wood nail

Step 5

Use another pallet to cut two shorter sections to become the ends of the planter – ours measured 50cm but you can make them whatever depth you want the planter to be. First, cut away the overlapping edges of the pallet so that the planks are flush with the supporting timber. Repeat step 1 to create the top edge of the planter sides. Follow steps 3 and 4 to cut extra planks to cover the inside of the gaps and nail into place.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet planter saw cut

Step 6

Use a sander to smooth all the outer surfaces of the planter sides.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet planter sander

Step 7

In order to assemble your planter, you’ll need to cut away a rectangle from the supporting timber at the front corners of the short sides so that the sides fit together. Where the short sides meet the back of the long sides, you’ll need to cut away a larger section, which will provide space for the privacy screen to slot into the planter.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet planter assemble

Step 8

When constructing the planter, the supporting timbers inside the short sides should sit just below the supporting timbers of the long sides. Screw them together at the corners of the bottom and central supporting beams, with two screws in each corner.

Step 9

Measure the gap inside the planter, above the central timber supports. Use this measurement to cut more planks from another pallet. Nail into place inside the planter to create a shelf.

the handy mano manomano diy pallet planter saw cut final step

Step 10

Cut a piece of weed membrane to fit the inside of this top section of the planter. Use a stapler to attach the liner under the top edges. Fill with top soil or compost.

Step 11

To make the privacy screen, use a crowbar to remove the back supports of the thin-plank pallet. Cut the pallet front down to the height you’d like your privacy screen to be. Make the uprights using two of the spare pieces of supporting timber that you cut away from the in-fill planks earlier. Use a crowbar to prise off the small pieces of wood from the supporting timbers. Add the uprights to the edges of the thin-slatted pallet front (with the extra length of the support at the bottom) and nail into place. Pop the supporting timbers onto the holes at the back of the planter and screw to the planter base, using two screws at each corner to secure the screen in place.

the handy mano manomano pallet planter diy project finished complete

This article was written by Cassie Fairy. You can find Cassie’s blog ‘My Thrifty Life’ at, where she shares daily blog posts about her home DIY projects, upcycled finds, budget recipes and plenty of inspiration for living a low-cost yet lovely life.

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