Summer is drawing closer, and those warm days are calling out for a BBQ. But buying a decent BBQ can be expensive, and the cheap £1 options simply don’t stay warm enough to cook for a group. To solve your BBQ woes, we have an easy guide to build your own DIY BBQ pit from scratch. This tutorial will produce an 80″ x 48″ BBQ, so make sure you have enough space!

Although this tutorial is for a large above ground DIY BBQ, there are also a variety of tutorials available online. If you are looking for an in-ground BBQ or one that can be easily dismantled, have a look online and you’re sure to find some more advice.


  • (4) 2″ x 4″ stakes
  • 48 cinder blocks (standard 8x8x16 size)
  • 2 sheets of 4′ x 4′ 16 gauge steel
  • 1 sheet of 2′ x 4′ 16 gauge steel
  • 1 sheet of 48″ x 80″ expanded metal grill
  • masonry or washed “play” sand


Step 1. Pick Your Location

Before beginning to build your DIY BBQ take the time to select a good location. Look for somewhere that is relatively flat as this will save time later on. Make sure to place your BBQ at the recommended distance from any structures or plants. To be sure, check your local fire regulations for distances.

DIY BBQ Handy Mano

Step 2. Prepare The Ground

When you’ve chosen your BBQ location, start levelling the ground. Use your spade, rake, and tamper to flattened the ground as needed until it is level. Once you’ve levelled everything off, place 14 of your cinder blocks down in a rectangle that is 80″ x 48″. The rectangle will be made of 2 cinder blocks across and 5 long. Place your stakes into each of your corners and then remove the outer circle of blocks. Dig out between 4 and 6 inches of soil from the area within the stakes. Refill this area with sand. The sand will act as a barrier between the fire and any soil, helping to prevent fires and soaking up excess fat.

DIY BBQ Handy Mano

Step 3. Build Your DIY BBQ

Now you’re ready to construct your DIY BBQ! Lay the first layer of cinder blocks down again in your 80″x48″ rectangle. Decide which end will be the entrance and remove two of these blocks. Now add a second layer of blocks exactly onto the first. Using the carpenters square ensure that the blocks lineup and are exactly flush with each other. On top of this place the expanded metal grill, then another two layers of blocks. Finally place the two 4×4 sheets of metal on top of the grill as a roof. The remaining sheet of 2×4 metal can be used to cover the open end of your BBQ.

DIY BBQ Handy Mano

And just like that you’re ready to grill! Just add charcoal, meat, veggies and friends.


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