If you think your outside space isn’t big enough to make proper use of, here are several tips on how to design & decorate your small balcony to make the most of it and turn it into a cosy yet functional space.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a garden or a large terrace to make the most of during the warmer months. But what if we told you that even the smallest of balconies can become the perfect place for a Parisian-style breakfast or an aperitif when the sun goes down? Here we will share some irresistible ideas so that you can make the most of your small outdoor space for the sunnier days ahead. 

Make the most of the space

Use folding furniture when you design & decorate a small balcony

Although we have to be realistic and understand that we can’t have everything we would like, the first thing we will do is, taking into account the dimensions of our space, distribute the furniture so that we have a comfortable seating area. Use furniture that is not too bulky or that is easy to fold.

Design a small but practical balcony

If your balcony is so small that there is no room for a small table or folding chairs, we can always opt for high stools and special tables for balconies that can be completely folded down to save space, such as this one made of acacia wood, which also serves as a shelf to keep a few flower pots to brighten up the view.

Don’t miss out on the greenery

Decorate your balcony with different pots of flowers or aromatic plants. To do this, use planters that face outwards or a tiered wooden support as a shelf where you can display your plants, place garlands or other decorations. 

Small balcony: add a chillout area

If you have space in your small balcony, you can add a chillout area with pallets

If you are lucky enough to have a bit of width on your terrace, we suggest placing a small chillout area with pallets and some nice soft cushions where you can relax after dinner.

Trellises for privacy

If you are worried about spying neighbours, you can put up trellises to get a bit of privacy. As well as being functional, they will give you a lot of possibilities when it comes to placing vines, hanging garlands and even wall decorations.

Small balcony design: practical storage

If you have a free corner on your terrace, we suggest you take advantage of this space to place a waterproof outdoor box to keep your cushions, blankets and other outdoor accessories safe and protected from rain. Plus, you’ll always have an extra seat ready for when you need it by simply adding a couple of cushions to its surface.

Create a magical atmosphere in your small balcony design

Small balcony design: add cosy lighting

Once we have the furniture and the rest of the details in place, we only need to give it a cosy touch by using small lights. Lanterns on the floor, solar fairy lights entwined in the planters or hanging from the trellises will make your balcony your favourite place this upcoming season. 

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