Hanging wallpaper always seems like a daunting task! It’s not something that we do on a regular basis so we need a little reminder from time to time. Here’s our easy guide on how to hang wallpaper for beginners.

How to hang wallpaper

What you’ll need:

*For tips on each type of wallpaper, see our Basic Wallpapering Theory post.

For an easy peasy wallpapering experience, we recommend using paste-the-wall wallpaper.

superfresco-easy-paste-the-wall-driftwood-wood-effect-dove-grey-wallpaper hang wallpaper

1. Where to start

In the corner! You should ideally start hanging wallpaper in the corner on a wall with no windows and doors, which allows you to hang a full length strip. Be careful, it is very important that the first length is straight!

Tip: Righty? Start wallpapering on a wall to the right of the window. Lefty? Start from the left!

2. Hanging the first length

  1. Use a plumb line to draw a line from the ceiling to the skirting board, giving you a vertical guidance line to hang your first length of wallpaper.
  2. Start at the top of the wall with the right-hand side of the wallpaper on the vertical line. Try to keep the left-hand edge from touching the wall.
  3. Once everything is well lined up, smooth everything down with your paper hanging brush, working from the centre out.
  4. With your first length firmly in place and right up to the edges, you can cut along the creases with wallpaper scissors.
  5. Time to start adding the rest! Line up the next length – be sure to match up the pattern! Repeat steps 2 to 4.

Tip: try to leave at least 5cm at the top and bottom for trimming so you get a nice straight line at the end!

arthouse-enchantment-wallpaper-mystical-forest-teal hang wallpaper

3. Matching

When you have a repeat design wallpaper, you need to make sure that the lengths of wallpaper match up perfectly for a clean finish.

There are three different types of pattern match:

  • Straight match: the left and right edges of the wallpaper strip match in a straight horizontal line with the left and right edges of the next strip of wallpaper.
  • Offset match: the right hand edge of the first wallpaper strip only matches with the left hand side of the next strip, when the second strip is dropped by a specified distance. This means the design repeats every xx cm.
  • Free match: this is the easiest as there is no matching required!

ManoMano Wallpapering Guide for Beginners inspired by Graham & Brown.


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