As the weather gets warmer everyone is starting to consider whether their garden is in top shape for the upcoming long summer evenings! Whether you’re preparing for an afternoon read in your garden, a family barbecue, or a home wedding – we’ve got you covered with our garden design ideas! (Don’t wet your plants, yet 😉 )

We’ve organised it into three sections: small; medium and big sized gardens to break it up and suggested what furniture you might want to focus on this year. Got any other tips for us? Start a conversation with us on Twitter!

Garden Design Ideas – Small Garden

garden design ideas thehandymano mano mano small gardens

The key to any garden is a dining set! You can get them in a wide range of sizes and colours, meaning that regardless of how small your small garden is – you can easily find a table to squeeze into the corner to enjoy an early breakfast or a late supper with friends. Another top tip to create more space is to choose invest in potted plants which you can move around when you want to use your table. This also allows you to change up the look of your garden easily – if you’re a fan of cooking then consider growing your own herb garden in separate pots, this will also give it a great boost of colour! If you’re unsure on what planters to buy, why not create your own? This article shows how you can create a unique planter with almost anything and save a few pennies, too!

Another staple accessory which can be enjoyed even in small gardens is a garden pouffe. They also come in many sizes and colours so you can choose one that fits perfectly with your garden design and many are inflatable meaning that you can get rid of them during those rainy days or when not in use. Who knew that comfort could be so easy?

Our top garden design idea for small gardens is to use old mirrors to make the garden look bigger, and decorate with outdoor lights to give a cosy atmosphere later in the evening.

Garden Design Ideas – Medium Garden

garden design ideas thehandymano mano mano medium gardens

If you have a bit more leg room in your garden, then consider investing in a hammock or swing seat to spend lazy afternoons on. if you already have trees in your garden then you’re in luck because you can either buy a new hammock to put up, or you can build your own with the help of this article. However, you can still swing into spring by finding a hammock with a stand which you can take out of your garage with ease every year.

You could also look into getting a new garden bench. Benches can be as simple or as complex as you like, and they are often easy to paint over with your preferred colour. Or, if you can cope with the splinters then why not get creative and make your own out of pallets?

Our top garden tip for medium gardens is to plan where you’ll plant your flowers accordingly so that they don’t grow over your new furniture (unless you want them to, of course!)

Garden Design Ideas – Big Garden

garden design ideas thehandymano mano mano big gardens

Do you have lots of room in your garden and no idea what to do with it? Fortunately, the more space you have then the more options you have on how to fill it!

Firstly, you could look into getting a permanent or temporary gazebo for summer evenings. If you’ve never bought a gazebo before, then worry not because we’ve already sorted you out with a buying guide. If you choose to get a permanent gazebo, then you’ll be able to enjoy the additional space all year round which could be an option if you wish you could spend more time in your garden.

However, if you’ve got green fingers then look into investing in a greenhouse to protect your fruit and veg when the British weather is turning against you. You can even choose to design the inside of your greenhouse by using floor tiles of your choice to personalise it.

If you’re only looking for something short term during the hot season, then perhaps a DIY swimming pool or DIY pond could be for you! These DIY projects cost less than £100 to make, can put your DIY skills to the test and force the whole family into the garden over the weekend!

Our top garden design idea for bigger gardens is to plan your seasonal flowers in time so that your whole garden is blossoming by the time spring comes round!


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