If you want to organise the family, keep track of the kids’ activities and make lists of tasks and shopping all in one place, why not have a go at turning a door into a family organiser? It’s a handy space to make to-do lists and to keep an eye on what tasks need doing each week, whilst increasing your home’s storage space by utilising every possible nook and cranny. Children can use the chalks to add their own lessons to the planner and will enjoy drawing you a lovely picture at the bottom of the door.

This space saving family door organiser makes use of any odds and ends of DIY materials you’ve got lying around, such as a small section of guttering to store essentials, and copper pipe leftover from a plumbing task to hold a roll of paper for shopping lists and pots full of pens and chalk. You could use the door under the stairs, inside the kitchen pantry or your office door to keep on top of tasks while working from home. It might even encourage your teenager to make a revision planner if it’s painted onto their bedroom door! 

Family door organiser
Family door organiser (C) Andy Greenacre and Cassefairy

Check out the step-by-step photos to DIY this handy doorganiser here.

Project created by My Thrifty Life by Cassiefairy with photography by Andy-Greenacre.co.uk 

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