Now that frost is a distant memory and green shoots are appearing all over the garden, it’s time to get started on those essential garden jobs for June. Everything is full of life and growth… unfortunately that also includes the weeds! As they say, one years seed is seven years weed, so keep on top of your weeding!

Flower Garden Jobs

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1. If you’re looking for an instant boost of colour in your garden, this is the time to plant out summer bedding plants. Come June, there is no longer a threat of frost, so you can plant out summer bedding plants without fear.

2. Pinch out herbs shoots before they start to flower and use them in your cooking! Pinching out is important because after herbs have started flowering the leaves become bitter and growths slows. In order to maintain bushy, healthy plants it is best to avoid letting herbs flower. There isn’t one hard and fast rule for pinching out your herbs, as long as you don’t pick your plants all the way down to the soil they will reward you with healthy growth. Herbs like Lavender and Rosemary will also benefit from pruning at this time of year.

3. If you have containers that have been waiting patiently to be filled, the wait is over! Now that the threat of frost has disappeared you can fill up and place containers. Everything from pots to hanging baskets can be filled, but don’t forget to keep on top of watering as the days start to heat up.

4. Keep an eye on any Clematis you have in the garden at this time of year. Once they have finished flowering, this is a good time to prune out dead or overcrowded stems. This pruning will help encourage the plant to maintain an attractive shape.

Vegetable Patch Jobs

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1. Wimbledon season is approaching fast, and that means it’s also strawberry season. If you’re growing your own strawberries, take a few minutes to place a bed of straw or fleece around them. This bed will help them ripen and also keep them off the mud. Straw is ideal, but fleece will do the job if you can’t get your hands on any straw.

2. Strawberries are probably not the only fruit currently growing in your vegetable patch, and at this time of year there are a lot of hungry critters about. Save your fruits from being ravaged by your feathered and furry neighbours by placing netting around vulnerable plants. If you grow fruit plants regularly in one area, it may be worth building a cage.

3. At this point in the year, your tomatoes will have been shooting upwards. Before they become too big, give them some support and tie them to stakes. While you’re tying them up, pinch out side shoots. If plants are left to grow freely they can waste energy growing vegetation instead of fruits.

4. Now that it is warmer, it is time to plant beans and plant out some more vulnerable plants like courgettes, squash and sweetcorn. Waiting until the temperature has warmed up and stabilised may take patience, but you will be rewarded with accelerated growth.

Greenhouse Jobs

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1. As the temperature increases make sure you keep up on top of watering greenhouse plants. There can be such a variety of wonderful distractions elsewhere in the garden, but leaving your greenhouse to dry out could be fatal.

2. The change of temperature could cause large temperature fluctuations in your greenhouse. To avoid too many large drops and increases in temperature, consider shading your greenhouse. Shading your greenhouse will also prevent plants from getting scorched.

3. Once you’re finished inside and out, June is an ideal time to plant herbs for your greenhouse or windowsill. Everything from Thyme to Basil can be planted now, and there is nothing better than seasoning your other garden produce with your own fresh herbs.

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