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Essential Garden Jobs for August

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August is coming, the heat from summer is slowly subsiding, and your garden may well be looking a little tired from it all. Don’t be deterred by appearances! All you need is a couple of good downpours, some TLC, and to keep checking off these essential garden jobs for August. Stick to this, and once autumn comes (and brings some moisture) your garden will be looking on top form again!

Flower Garden Jobs 

essential garden jobs for august the handy mano manomano dahlias

         Source: Acenet, www.flickr.com


1. Stay on top of deadheading plants. This will encourage plants to keep producing more flowers instead of seed.

2. For plants which are useful seed donors, let them go to seed. Make sure you’re sure of how your flowers release seed, so you can prepare correctly (including tying muslin bags around plants that fling their seed). Dry the seed on sheets inside, decant into labelled envelopes, and store these inside plastic containers in the fridge.

3. Consider planting bulbs such as Narcissus and Hyacinths. If you plant these early, the hyacinths should be ready for Christmas!

4. Remove side buds from plants like Dahlias to allow them to turn into one big, larger flower. You’ll want to also be cutting down the stems of Perennials, tip: these can be cut up and added to your compost!


Vegetable Patch Jobs

essential garden jobs for august the handy mano manomano VEGETABLE PATCH gardening

                    Source: www.vancouversun.com


1. Grab a hose, can or your tool of choice and get watering. Whatever you’ve planted most recently should be a priority, and be sure to water deeply, soaking the root zone. This will help protect the roots as they are brought more to the surface in dry weather. Be sure you’re taking extra time to water your spinach, parsley, runner beans and tomatoes.

2. Feeding tomato plants is a must this month. Keep them going with tomato fertiliser, and be sure to pinch out the top. Use your fingernails to pinch off the new stem at the top of the plant, as close to the leaf nodes as possible. This will concentrate its growth. As well as this, remove leaves lower on the plant to improve circulation and prevent disease. While you’re in pinching mode, take some time to  pinch the tips of your runner beans once they have reached the tops of their poles.

3. Where the ground is fallow, consider sewing green manure crops. This will help disuade weed growth as well as improving soil quality.

4. Be sure to keep harvesting your crops regularly – staying on top of this task will ensure that your plants stay productive over August.


Greenhouse Jobs

essential garden jobs for august the handy mano manomano greenhouse plants garden vegetable

      Source: www.motherearthnews.com


1. You’ll want to be dampening down the floors of your greenhouse once you have watered the plants in the morning. By doing this, you ensure the humidity stays high while also lowering the temperature during this hot and sunny month.

2. Do a round of liquid fertilser once weekly. This is just to be sure all your greenhouse plants are getting the nutrients they need.

3. Consider getting a netting or using shade paint on the outside of the glass. Plants can become scorched in greenhouses in hot months, and this will help to protect them.

4. Check plants regularly for signs of pests – this is a month that many of them will be active. Look out for red spider mites, leafhoppers, glasshouse whiteflies, mealybugs and scale insects. Be sure to tidy leaves which have fallen to the ground, as well as splitting your compost for benches and floors. These precautions will prevent both pests and diseases from spreading.



If you’ve enjoyed reading through our Essential Garden Jobs for August, be sure to check out our garden tips for July and June! If your garden looks a picture and you want to share it – we’re ready to admire! Just send a shot over to our Facebook page and prepare for lots of appreciation.

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