Unsure where to hang your garden tools and accessories to keep them tidy and ready to hand? Fortunately, this is one of our easy pallet projects! Not only does the tool organiser look great, but it’s also simple and cheap to make. Pallet’s about time you got started on it 😉

Tools and Materials

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano tools

Most easy pallet projects, including this one, need these tools and materials:


Cost, Time and Difficulty

It will only cost you around £20 to keep all of your tools and implements organised, as long as you already have the tools required. In this sample ManoMano shopping basket you’ll find a selection of the tools and materials used to make this organiser.

A morning should be enough time to complete this DIY project. However, keep in mind that depending on the protective coating you use for the wood, this completion time will vary according to the drying instructions.

The difficulty level for this project is low. In fact, this is the ideal project for anyone starting out on their first DIY pallet project, which is why we’ve listed it under easy pallet projects 😉 

Easy Pallet Projects: DIY Outdoor Tool Storage

This pallet organiser features an extra storage space at the back. Therefore, the top section has been used as a planter while the central and bottom sections are for storing garden tools.

Step 1: Sand the pallet

The first step is to sand the pallet with an orbital sander, both the top and back. Also sand the 3 extra boards – which you can take from another pallet.

If the pallet is in very bad condition, we recommend starting with a coarse grain paper to remove splinters and flaws. Next, give it a once over with a medium grain sand paper. This will give the pallet a more uniform, smooth finish.

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano sanding

Step 2: Cut and drill the extra boards

In order to increase the storage spaces on the pallet, we’ve screwed in some extra pallet boards at the back. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Cut the boards to the width of the pallet. You can use either a mitre saw or a hacksaw.
  2. Screw the boards on to the back of each crossbeam on the base of the pallet.

This will create 3 spaces on the back which can be used to store small tools and implements, or even as a planter.

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano assembling

Step 3: Protect and decorate the pallet

The next step is to protect and decorate the pallet with varnish. Varnish penetrates the wood and protects it, but as an open-pore coating, it also allows the wood to breathe and can help regulate the internal moisture. That’s why it’s ideal for protecting any wood to be used outdoors.

When applying varnish, you will need a minimum of two coats to allow the product to penetrate the wood fully and properly protect it.

Varnish is also available in a variety of colours and shades, meaning it is decorative as well as protective. In our case, we chose a white colour.

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano varnish

Step 4: Attach hooks

The last step is to attach several hooks to the pallet to be able to hang your tools. Specifically, we used:

  • Hooks to hang the hose
  • U-shaped mounts to hold a spade and rake
  • Various coat hooks
  • Handles to hang S-shaped hooks from

Meanwhile, it’s a good idea to use plastic or stainless steel hooks and mounts to provide protection against outdoor weather conditions.

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano add hooks

Once you’ve completed these steps, all you need to do is drill some holes in the wall to hang your organiser pallet and start organising your garden tools and implements, keeping them nice and handy. (Although, nothing is as handy as The Handy Mano 😉 )

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano add equipment

The top section is perfect for a few plants or flower pots, adding a touch of life and colour.

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano complete

easy pallet projects thehandymano mano mano finished

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