There are so many different projects that you can do with pallets, but sometimes the hardest part can be painting them perfectly to finish off your project! That’s why we came up with our top DIY pallet painting tips to help you get a flawless finish each time!

DIY pallet painting tips

DIY Pallet painting tips the handy mano mano pallet painting tips sander

  1. Remember that each pallet is unique and might take paint differently. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have a safe (and non toxic) pallet, you can check that by viewing our pallet sourcing guide here.
  2. Pallet wood can look so so great with a bit of roughness, but, the smoother the surface, the easier it is to paint! Use an orbital sander or sandpaper (80 grit works fine but aim for 120 girt or higher if you’re looking for uber smoothness) to find your middle ground.
  3. Once you’ve finished sanding, remove all of the dusk with a slightly damp washcloth to thoroughly clean the wood.
  4. If you think that your wood may be too porous, you can opt to prime the wood at this stage to make it even smoother!
  5. If you’re looking to get a really vintage like look on your pallet, then add one layer of paint and then sand the wood again. Continue this until you’ve got your desired effect!DIY Pallet painting tips the handy mano mano pallet painting tips stain brush
  6. Once you’ve finished painting, make sure to wax or seal it to make the paint job last longer.
  7. If you stain your wood, then make sure you choose a colour a shade lighter and keep adding the stain until you get your preferred colour. Remember that it’s much easier to add stain to wood than it is to remove it, so you’re better of working your way up!
  8. As you apply the stain, keep an old T-shirt next to you to make sure you catch any drips from the wet edges and blend in any brush marks
  9. Make it shine with a varnish  or polish at the end! We recommend this step especially for outdoor pallet projects.

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