Are you one of those people who needs a good, strong coffee in the morning to wake up? If so, this simple wood DIY project is for you! Easy and cheap to make, adjustable, and a very novel addition to your kitchen. To use it, simply place a filter in the hole, add coffee grounds, then pour hot water over it slowly and watch your perfect coffee drip down into the cup below!

And if you don’t drink coffee, this is the perfect homemade gift for your coffee enthusiast loved ones!

What you’ll need for this simple wood DIY project:

Step by step:

1. Cut out two pieces of hardwood with the mitre saw into a triangular form. Each length of both the base and top shelf of your coffee stand should be 7″.

Don’t forget to grab a piece of sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges!

2. Prepare your wood by marking out your drill holes in the corner of each piece of wood. Make sure it’s centred and that the holes match up on both the bottom and top pieces!

mock up vector of DIY drip coffee stand with dimensions Simple Wood DIY Project

3. Using the 10mm Forstner bit, drill your holes at the mark you have just drawn. For the base, drill a hole most of the way through, but not all the way! For the top, drill a hole all the way through the wood.

5. Your coffee stand wouldn’t be complete without the dripper! Using the hole saw, cut out the hole for the dripper on the top piece of wood. Try to keep this hole centered, in the middle of the three vertices of the triangle. Sand everything down once you’ve finished!

6. Start putting your pieces together! Glue the threaded rods into the holes in the base. Wait for the glue to dry.

Close up zoom in on DIY drip coffee stand bolts and washers on metal threaded rod Simple Wood DIY Project

7. Secure everything into place with the nuts and washers, like in the image above.  Anytime you want to adjust the height of the dripper, just higher or lower these nuts, depending on the size of your coffee cup!

8. Last few steps! Slide the top shelf onto the rods and insert the coffee dripper. Add some thread protectors to the ends, if you have any lying about.

And tada! Your DIY drip coffee stand is ready. Just add a filter, some coffee and some hot water!

DIY drip coffee stand homemade coffee maker Simple Wood DIY Project

Mmmm, just the thought of delicious, fresh homemade coffee has perked us up!

Source: adapted from Woodworking for Mere Mortals.


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