It’s getting darker earlier each evening and we’re reaching for the scarves and gloves. This can only mean one thing… The Christmas countdown is on! To start gently preparing for the season’s festivities, we wanted to give you a special idea in the form of a personalised DIY advent calendar. It is an easy DIY project which can be done with the help of the kids, and can be upcycled after for tool storage, once Christmas is over. Made from an organisational wall panel, it will delight young and old alike who will have their resolution for the new year all figured out: in 2022, I’m going to finally get around to organising my tools!

Materials needed to make a DIY Advent Calendar

For this DIY advent calendar you will need:

How to make your advent calendar

Step 1: Paint time

Paint to the panel
Paint the panel

Simply apply two coats of paint (using the colour of your choice) with a roller.

Step 2: Fix the panel

DIY advent calendar

Locate the desired position for the panel and mark the locations of the fixings: at the 4 corners and in the middle of the longest length.

Drill holes to fit the correct fixings to your wall.

Fix by inserting the dividers between the wall and the panel and adding a washer between the screw head and the panel.

Step 3: Prepare your advent calendar doors

DIY advent calendar

Design a template for each door; an example of the template used for this article can be seen above. You can use paper, card, cardboard – whatever takes your fancy! Then glue the back and sides of the door so it creates an envelope to put the surprises in.

Step 4: Decoration station

You can draw, create winter motifs or paint: it’s up to you! For the envelope of the door, you can add little treats to them – or alternatively, you could write jokes, riddles, or even start a treasure hunt to find the surprise somewhere around the house. 

DIY advent calendar template for the doors

Step 5: Insert the doors

Insert the hooks on your panel and fix the doors with a clip. You can either arrange them in a regular pattern or arrange them randomly as in our black model. 

DIY advent calendar
DIY advent calendar

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