You could repaint the walls in your house a plain colour, or you can use one of these stunning painting techniques to create a really unusual look. From stencils to stripes, and sponging to strié there is a technique for any style. Explore this guide to unusual painting techniques and get ready to spice up your walls!

1. Wall Graphics

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This technique is perfect for creating a unique feature wall. Once you have found a design that you love, project it onto the wall in your desired location. Now that it’s there, all you have to do is paint! Simply follow the lines projected on your wall and you’ll have a uniquely beautiful design when you’re finished. This technique gives you more freedom than stencilling, but does require slightly more careful painting.

2. Stencilling

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Give your walls an attractive pattern, with minimal artistic requirements, by using a stencil. You can buy a pre-made stencil, or even get extra creative and make your own unique design. Stencilling can be used for one dramatic feature wall, or create an immersive design all over.

3. Metallic Accents

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To give your walls a luxury look use metallic paint. There is a range of metallic paint colours available, which can be used around the room in a wide variety of ways. For example, if a full four walls of coverage feels too much, a metallic accent wall can add a softer glow to a room. Alternatively metallic paint can be used as an accent on an extant design, or brushed on with a stencil. However you choose to use it, a metallic paint will certainly bring a special sparkle to any room.

4. Brushed Suede Finish

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From metals to suede, your walls can resemble a wide range of materials. A brushed suede finish gives your walls a soft texture, the perfect look for any elegant room. To achieve this subtle finish, you simply paint on a coat of brushed suede finish to your desired base colour. It is best to apply it in a X pattern to give it a fully textured appearance.

5. Colour Washing

Colour washing is an unusual painting technique that suits a traditional, Mediterranean-style decor. The delicate wash of colours adds depth to your walls without being distracting. This painting technique uses multiple layers of paint to achieve the mottled effect; after applying your base colour in satin finish, use a glaze paint mixture over the top. Apply your glaze layer with a large brush in an X pattern.

6. Strié And Linen Weaving

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The 3D look of strié or linen weave paint adds texture to any wall. It is the perfect addition to a house with modern or contemporary decor. This style uses a wallpaper brush to create the streaked lines on the walls. For a strié or dragged effect the glaze and satin base coat mixture should be dragged in either vertical or horizontal lines. To create a linen effect, the mixture should be dragged in both horizontal and vertical lines. Dragging the paint in both directions produces the woven effect that gives this technique its name.

7. Fresco Colour Washing

This traditional painting technique is very similar to colour washing, with the addition of a coat of texted lime wash over the top. The lime wash adds even more texture to the finish of your walls, giving them a beautifully traditional appearance.

8. Sponging

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Using a natural sea sponge or sponge roller you can add layers of colour and texture to any dull wall. With this technique it is possible to use multiple colours to give walls additional depth.

9. Rag Rolling

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The rag rolling technique is exactly what it sounds like. The unusual effect is achieved by rolling a glaze colour mixture over the base coat using a crumpled rag. It is possible to use both a darker and lighter glaze mixture for this look.

10. Textured Stone

The textured stone technique adds a 3D element to your walls. Using faux textured stone paint and foam stamps it is easy to create unusual borders or stencil effects in any room.

11. Patina

wall painting techniques the handy mano manomano patina sponge paint

Giving your walls a patina effect creates a dramatic wall design that works both as a feature wall or all over a room. It is a simple effect to achieve, simply sponge a metal or patina paint over a dry base colour. With this technique it is not necessary to produce a regular or even effect, in fact having a range of coverage is preferable.

12. Patterned Walls

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Give your walls something special with an unusual painted pattern. The only limit is your imagination, but some classic designs are stripes, or harlequin patterns. The key to creating a professional finished effect is to measure, measure and measure again. Once you’ve painted your base colour and you’re taping out the pattern it is crucial to use precise measurements. This will ensure that your pattern is evenly space and distributed before you start painting.

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