As the weather gets warmer, we can all start to appreciate a glass of wine on the decking after a long day. So why should small gardens be excluded? Whether you already have decking in your  garden or if you’re considering putting some in, our decking ideas for small gardens can help you make the most out of your humble space!

As a side note, if you’re wanting to build your own decking then make sure that you plan your decking space based on exactly what you want on the deck. It needs to be big enough for any garden furniture you want there, as well as some room leftover to move! Make sure that you think about barbecues and other garden plants before choosing the shape and structure of your decking, which, once permanent, can be very difficult to change!

There’s always thyme

thehandymano mano mano decking ideas for small gardens plant pots herbs flowers


You don’t need a huge garden to make the most of how great bright flowers can look on your decking. To add a simple burst of colour to your decking consider investing in various plantpots and filling them with the bright flowers of the season. Remember to choose plants which won’t shed leaves that will stain your decking, because, if they do stain your decking you’ll be scrubbing it with sandpaper for a while afterwards!

If you’re into your cooking, consider growing your own herb garden to add some vibrant green to your garden. Good choices for a herb garden include cilantro, basil, dill, rosemary, sage and thyme.

Don’t have much shade in your garden? Consider investing in some succulent plants (left photo) which need less light throughout the day compared to other plants.

Not for the paint hearted

thehandymano mano mano decking ideas for small gardens paint decking and furnitureOne way to spruce up your small garden is to add colour to it by painting the wood or the furniture in it! Exterior wood paint comes in many colours and can also add to the life span of your decking by protecting the wood. You can opt for a bright colour or a dark brown colour depending on your garden accessories. Our top tip when painting a wood surface is to make sure that it hasn’t previously been oiled. If it has been oiled, the paint won’t stick and it can ruin your decking! If you insist on painting the surface then make sure to fully sand the wood down first and using a paint remover to prevent problems.

Bright Idea

thehandymano mano mano decking ideas for small gardens outdoor lighting fairy lights

If you’re putting the decking up yourself, then make sure to take advantage of existing trees and shrubbery for shade and privacy, especially over Summer! However, if you have a poorly lit small garden with decking then consider filling it with outdoor lights to make the summer evenings last even longer! Strings of lights work best for really small gardens because they don’t take up much room but can light up a small area, especially with the help of a few candles!

Wood you cut it out?

thehandymano mano mano decking ideas for small gardens wood on wall


Recently finished the decking and have some planks of wood left over? Use any spare deck boards for landscaping up the walls. It can add a quirky touch to your garden and means that you don’t have to break the bank when making your garden look different!

Treat yourshelf

thehandymano mano mano decking ideas for small gardens shelves shelf plant pots save space

If you don’t have spare wooden planks to use for the walls, then why not decorate the walls differently by putting up shelves and placing plant pots on top of them? Shelves can save a lot of floor space which means that you can squeeze some garden furniture into gaps which were previously taken up by plant pots.

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