A greenhouse can be a pricey investment but make all the difference to your gardening capabilities. Cut the costs by creating your own greenhouse using plastic bottles and just a few weekends.

In these 8 simple steps, you can construct your own greenhouse and start growing those delicious veggies and beautiful flowers all year round. See the end of this tutorial for a list of the materials and tools required for the project.

1.Bottle Collection

Collect around 1,500 plastic bottles, 2-litre bottles are used in this tutorial, however 1.5-litre bottles will also work. As long as the bottles are uniform you’re good to go!

2.Washing and Cutting

Prepare the bottles for their new home by washing them and removing all the labels. Next, cut the bottoms off the bottles using sharp scissors and remove bottle tops.

plastic bottle greenhouse DIY Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano

3.Fixing the Posts

Settle 4 posts into a couple of feet of concrete to create the corners of your greenhouse. Cover the inside area between the posts with the slabs or mulch matting to help prevent weed growth.

4. Making frames

Using the 2″ x 2″ timber, create frames for each side of your greenhouse as well as the roof and door. Screw together mitred corner to create simple, neat corners.

5. Bottle Stacking

Thread the bottles one inside the other onto a garden cane. At one end, reverse a bottle so that the cane sticks out of bottles tops at each end. Lay these bottle tubes onto your frames ready to be attached.

plastic bottle greenhouse DIY Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano

6. Attaching Bottles

Attach the bottles at both ends using fencing staples to secure the garden cane to your frame. Fill frames with as many bottle tubes as possible.

plastic bottle greenhouse DIY Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano

7. Get Vertical

Mount the completed frames against the upright corner posts and screw them in.

8. Roofing and Doors

You can create a sloping or flat roof depending on your preference. Whichever style you decide, simply fill in your frames as before and screw them onto the upright structure. A small bottle frame hinged onto the larger frame makes an ideal door, but remember to leave space around the smaller frame to allow for sagging.

plastic bottle greenhouse DIY Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano

Now start planting those plants and enjoy reaping the rewards of your incredible new greenhouse!

Materials you’ll need to create a 6ft by 8ft with 8ft height greenhouse:

  • 4″ x 4″ posts: 4 @ 8 foot long (for corner posts sunk 2 ft into the ground)
  • 2” x 2” timber:
    • Side frames 4 @ 8 ft 4 @ 6 ft
    • Back frame 4 @ 6 ft
    • Front frame 4 @ 6ft
    • Front wall and door 6 @ 6 ft
    • Roof sides 4 @ 8 ft 4 @ 5 ft *
    • Top beam 1 @ 8 ft
    • Top gables 4 @ 5 ft * 2 @ 6 ft
    • Gable support 2 @ 4 ft *

Total 240 ft
*To be cut to length depending on slope and therefore height of roof.

  • Hinges for door
  • Screws:
    • 4” for fixing timber to posts x 40 (approx)
    • 3” for making frame x 100 (approx)
  • Fencing staples x 300 (approx)
  • Postcrete x 4 bags
  • Gravel / slabs / mulch matting
  • Garden canes 6 foot x 140 (approx)
  • Plastic bottles x 1,500 (approx)

Tools required:


Source: http://www.reapscotland.org.uk

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