Competition Time: The Amazing Making Of

On International DIY day (Thursday 24th May), we decided to celebrate the day of creativity and general love for DIY and splinters by launching the competition #TheAmazingMakingOf.

If you have a wacky project on the go, could do with a £5000 helping hand and want to star in our web series then apply below!

This is a unique opportunity for all of you who have an amazing project on the go! We are looking for DIY projects that are innovative, creative and just that little bit different to anything we’ve ever seen before. We drill-y want to give you a helping hand of £5000 and to share your story to millions of people across Europe.

Apply here

What is an ‘amazing’ project?

For us, a wild project is…
…a DIY project made from scratch.
…thrilling, exciting and extraordinary.
…a creation that tells a unique, personal story.
…basically, an amazing, jaw-dropping project!

At ManoMano, we believe that DIY isn’t just limited to your home or garden. We want to bring inspiring, crazy and fun projects into the spotlight so that others can relive the many emotions that you felt whilst creating it!

A wild project is, above all, a state of mind – you need a hint of madness to embark on an adventure like this! We’re looking for people who are capable of stepping up and overcoming challenges… just for the fun of it. We’re not just looking for the perfect DIY story, we want to see the honesty behind the scenes: the overcome failures, frustrations, time spent, moments of self-denial, patience and tenacity.

See Jonathan’s story below as a perfect example!


If that sounds right up your street, then we can’t wait for you to get in touch!

What is The Amazing Making Of Web Series?

THE AMAZING MAKING OF is a web series depicting DIYers who have started amazing, wild projects.
The idea is to share the stories of those incredible makers, doers, inventors, and creators across 5 European countries by giving them the visibility that they deserve. Each winner will become the star of their own episode – amazing, right?!

The competition is open from the 24th May to 24th June 2018. Find more information at

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