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Here’s the heads-up on the top 10 hottest interior design trends of the upcoming year so that you can be prepared and in the loop of what to expect in 2019. This post will help you plan ahead on how you can incorporate these into your space and give you an idea on the kind of things you’ll be seeing in all the interior magazines and catalogues. You saw it here first!

Scalloped furniture awc=5703_1544200179_1c04a3b2b93f2b1660d3edd3061a4ef7&utm_source=affiliate_window&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=228839

A huge trend this year is the scalloped edge. You’ll be seeing this design all over interior magazines and catalogues due to it’s elegant ability to fit in with both modern and 70s feel that everyone is excited about at the moment. This elegant design would fit in easily with so many home designs due to its simplicity and addition to the art deco feel. Bringing back rounded edges into interior design is looking big in 2019, not only with this particular design, but also with rounded back chairs and carpets in the home which makes 2019 the year of the ‘curvy trend’.  


This ‘scalloped’ graphic pattern has also been adapted to lots of different surfaces all over the face of 2019’s interior design’s up and coming trends due to its original and eye catching nature. Similarly to the curved and scalloped edges which we see emerging, scales fall also into the ‘curvy trend’ that you’ll soon be seeing everywhere. It’s alternative name (when tiled) is ‘mermaid tiles’ – should you want to have a look for yourself!


Although this trend was still extremely apparent in 2018, it’s also heading head first into 2019 and not slowing down any time soon. People have been head over heels with velvet on everything including furniture, so it is a firm safe option if you’re afraid of short lived trends. It’s plush and cosy feel is too intriguing to re-sit.

Concrete bathrooms

This super sleek design does not only provide you with lots of sleek space in your bathroom, concrete also provides a waterproof and durable surface to work with which is extremely easy to manage. This industrial-style trend fits in perfectly with the modern minimalist style but also leaves you the flexibility to layer and add accessories which will also go with it.

Dark kitchens

The emerging trend of darker toned kitchens is a sleek and sophisticated upgrade to the older greys and whites that have been found in kitchens of the past. Having a two tone kitchen like in the images above compliments the colour of your surface, making the whole appearance more minimal and muted. Along with this, not only are they easier to maintain, but they also deter from the plain cupboards and gives you more of a focus on the intricacies of your kitchen decor.

Brass taps

This trend is a more specific example of the emerging brass and gold tones that are becoming more and more apparent in interior design. Touches of this bright metal is an eye catching addition to what may be a cool toned or colour matched room which needs a bit of brightness. As shown, brass taps work beautifully in kitchens when complimenting darker or navy surfaces giving a new twist on a 90s classic due to a bit of mix and match.

Warm, blush and muted tones

This trend has come along with the re emergence of the 70s/80s interior boom which we’ve been seeing lately. The influence of the era’s warmer tones have influenced the interior design world more and more, to the extent that 2019 will be the year of the orangey pinks, guaranteed! Although these colours could seem hard to incorporate, no need to worry – they also pair well with neutral colours and tones for a calming palette and are excellent at emphasising other colours which you can integrate into your space at your own pace.

70s trend

This has been around for a while now and had taken a step back for a few years but is on the rise and heading straight for trendy interiors in 2019. You’ll see it in the form of sustic reds, oranges and beiges, carpeted wooden floors, rugs and plenty of fringing. What is great about this particular trend is that you have the freedom to layer and play around with it to see what works for you. Experiment with different colours, textures and shapes from the high street, online and even antique or thrift shops.


Terrazzo is a confetti type looking pattern, made out of chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass which is set in cement or resin to appear playful and eye catching. Dating all the way back to mid-century design in Italy where it was used for flooring due to its durability (and a short comeback for flooring in the 70s)  – it’s here to show its face again 2019. And not just to be used for surfaces, these unique patterns are here for the new year in all sorts of different forms, not only as walls or surfaces but also as prints of shower curtains or even candle holders!

Matte surfaces

The use of matte colours creates an incredibly sleek and sophisticated feel to your space which is modern and clean. It’s intriguing due to its silky smooth appearance and clean lines which can mostly be found in kitchen designs. Matte colours are now here to stay, in 2019 you’ll see much fewer white shiny and glossy finishes and more matt and powdery darker ones.


We hope you now have a better idea of what to expect in this coming years hottest interior design trends, if you’ve been inspired or use one of these trends in your own home, please let us know by tagging us or using the hashtag #manomanouk!



Home Renovation Tips on a Budget

Creative Room Dividers


Renovating your home can get expensive in a hurry. You want the best quality at the best prices but that’s not always easy to find.

The cost of your renovation goes up depending on the room you’re overhauling. Kitchen and bathroom remodels can skyrocket your cost and break your budget.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are simple, quality, budget-friendly things you can do around your home to up the value and the atmosphere. Take a look at these!

Cost Effective Kitchen Upgrades

Painted Cabinets

Instead of going all out and purchasing new cabinets for your outdated kitchen, bring them up to speed with a couple fresh coats of paint. You’ll start by giving them a good cleaning, a light sanding, and one or two coats of primer to help your chosen color stick better. It’s important to do another very light sanding with fine-grit sandpaper in between color coats to achieve an even, smooth finish.

Hardware Upgrade

Small changes can make a huge impact and a great way to implement this is by simply installing new hardware. Change out the knobs or pulls on your cabinets and drawers. For the best results, be consistent with the finishes. If you decide on oil-rubbed bronze, stick with that for all the new hardware.

Replace Fixtures

Once you’ve changed out all the cabinet hardware, you may notice that it clashes with your current faucet or even the light fixture. Both are fairly simple DIY projects that won’t break the bank. Replacing these items for consistency throughout the room elevates the overall look. 

Revive the Flooring

You may be hesitant to replace your old flooring based on what it typically costs but if your old floors are in bad shape, it’s time. Peel-and-stick tiles are a great way to manage this upgrade without spending too much. Be sure to follow the directions carefully for the best results.

DIY Backsplash

The area between your countertops and the bottom of your cabinets is a perfect place to add a little pizzazz. You can create an amazing backsplash out of many different materials including tin, brick, or even heavy-duty crafting foil. If those are a little out of your league, there are also several gorgeous peel-and-stick backsplash options on the market.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Face Lifts

Fresh Paint

Redoing the walls in a clean, modern color is the fastest way to make a huge impact at the lowest price. All you need is a gallon of paint, a roller, and a couple of hours to completely change the look of your bathroom while leaving the rest of your budget free to cover other upgrades.

Faux Finishes

Adding faux stone to the outside of your bathtub or a peel-and-stick backsplash above the sink co Fresh paint- A clean, modern color can go a long way in completely changing the look of any room. It costs very little but adds a lot to the look and feel of the room.

Increase Storage

Every bathroom could benefit from a little added storage space. Open shelving, a small cabinet hung on one wall or even a small chest of drawers (if you have space) can do wonders for your bathroom.

Mirror Magic

Mirrors reflect light around a room and make it seem bigger and more open. Your bathroom probably already has at least one but adding a full-length mirror on the back of the door or an empty wall is a great, low-cost idea.

Updating Other Rooms

Accent Walls

Bedrooms and living areas can almost always accommodate an accent wall. You can create this with paint or texture, as long as it is different from the other walls. Shiplap, stone, or faux materials are a great way to go.

Area Rugs

Another budget-friendly way to change up a room is through the use of an area rug. These come in so many different sizes, colors and patterns you’re sure to find something that suits your home and your style.

Textile Upgrades

When renovating your home, it’s a good idea to update things like curtains, towels or throw pillows to keep everything consistent. You don’t need to do this all at once but over time you can easily add in a new item here and there.

Outdoor Upgrades

Stain the Deck

If you have a deck, porch, or other wood structure outdoors, it’s important to maintain it and protect it from the weather. Exterior stains provide water and sun protection. It is inexpensive and also greatly improves the look.

Add Greenery

Landscaping is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal for your home but is often pricey. Adding just a few plants or shrubs in strategic places for the most impact will help keep costs down.

Other Landscaping

The cheapest way to boost the look of your yard is to maintain what’s already there. Trim overgrown trees, keep the grass green and mowed and clean up branches or trash. If you need more of an upgrade, many types of gravel can be used as filler and can usually be delivered at a reasonable price. Be sure to edge any graveled areas.

Paint What Needs It

You may not be able to paint the entire outside of your home (although if you can it’s worth it). What you can paint for very little money is your front door, any trim, and even your fence (except for chain-link fencing).


Don’t Break the Bank

Home renovations tend to be stressful and frustrating, often due to the cost and amount of work involved. Don’t let that happen to you! Use these simple, low-cost ideas during your next renovation.


Andrew is a DIYer and founder of He likes to share his experience through detailed guidelines with pictures on home improvement, DIY projects, around-the-house fixing, woodworking, etc.


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Did you know that indoor house plants have many health benefits, as well as having the ability to brighten up a room? They increase oxygen levels throughout the day, remove pollutants, and apparently can even increase memory retention by 20%, making them perfect for studying or working at your desk! If you’re lost about where to get started, check out our top 10 indoor house plants below for inspiration. Let us know if we missed your favourite one out – we’d love to hear about it!

Top 5 Indoor House Plants

5 – Peace Lily

Indoor House Plants the handy mano mano peace lily

Despite their beauty, these plants are very easy to take care of which is why they are popular office and home plants. All they ask for is medium to low light, and not to be over watered. Check the top of the soil weekly and water when dry. Remember that they are more tolerant of under watering than over watering so don’t make a watering schedule for them.

🌿This plant is the top of NASA’s list for cleaning the air! It removes removes formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene (ie bad things) whilst looking beautiful, too! 🌿

4 – Aloe Vera

Indoor House Plants the handy mano mano aloe vera

Of course, we had to include Aloe vera! This plant carries endless health benefits and doesn’t demand too much form you, either. Make sure that you plant it in a wide container with a potting mixture similar to one which you would use for succulents. The most common cause of death for these plants is a lack of drainage, so water every 3 weeks and avoid keeping the soil soggy constantly. Place it in bright but indirect light, such as behind a curtain in an office.

🌿Squeeze the jelly-like substance out of the leaves and use it to treat sunburn, burns, bruises, acne, psoriasis and many other things, but make sure to never take it internally!🌿

3 – Chinese Evergreen

Indoor House Plants the handy mano mano chinese evergreen

Known to be a very durable houseplant, the Chinese Evergreen plant is both simple to look after and lovely to look at! Make sure you keep it away from any drafts (if anything, it prefers humid conditions) and water it moderately, allowing it to dry out between each time. You’ll notice that the leaves can gather a lot of dust, use a soft damp rag to wipe this away and leave it to air dry.

🌿They are well known for filtering out air pollutants  and getting rid of more and more toxins as time and exposure continues🌿

2 – Spider Plant

Indoor House Plants the handy mano mano spider plant


This lovely houseplant is perfect for newbies! You can hang them in baskets, put them on shelves, or leave them on tables to show off their long leaves. Water it once a week, and keep the soil slightly moist during hot months. Fortunately, this plant only needs moderate light to survive, and this doesn’t even need to be natural light, so you can brighten up and dark workspace with them.

🌿These plants are non-toxic so are safe for pets and children to accidentally eat! They also absorb carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene whilst producing oxygen, so it’s a win win!🌿

1 – Rubber Tree

Indoor House Plants the handy mano mano rubber tree

This lovely leafy houseplant needs time to dry out between watering, so make sure to keep it mildly hydrated with a spritz of water on the leaves every now and again. Place it in indirect light to keep it extra happy!

🌿Rubber trees are best known for their large leaves which absorb airborne chemicals and break them down, whilst converting carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen for you! 🌿

Do you think you’ll be investing in one of these indoor house plants? Or do you already have one?

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We’re sticking by you in this article! We know that there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to do a quick DIY job at home but not being sure on which glue to use- especially when there are so many types of glue out there. That’s why we’ve done our research and put a clear guide together, so you can get yourself out of that sticky DIY situation quickly!


manomano the handy mano DIY home repairs with glue furniture

When repairing a wobbly piece of furniture, always use a PVA adhesive. It is simple to use, doesn’t need mixing, and can be sanded down easily. Also, it dries clear so you don’t have to worry about mess! PVA can be used on almost any surface, including timber, metal and masonry. It is known as the best glue to use on wood, however, make sure that you get rid of any ‘old’ glue between the joints, and put a firm clamp on the wood parts being bonded to prevent any movement (which makes the glue weaker). It’s also worth double checking that you’re using a water resistant PVA glue prior to trying it out on garden furniture!

PVA advantages

-Only toxic if you eat it
-No dangerous fumes or hazards
-Can be diluted with water

PVA disadvantages

-Can take up to 24 hours to dry
-Not fully waterproof
-Certain algae and types of fungi can break it down

Skirting Boards

manomano the handy mano DIY home repairs with glue

When securing skirting boards, we recommend using a construction adhesive. It is multipurpose and heavy duty and can come in a cartridge, tube or pressure pack. To fix your skirting boards, first make sure that all the surfaces are dry and free of dust. Then, cut the nozzle to the right thickness (this should be around 5mm) and apply this to the top and bottom of the back of the skirting board. Bring the surfaces together and manoeuvre the skirting boards back into position before holding them up with tape. Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully set before removing the tape.

Construction Glue advantages

-Reduces the need for screws, nails and other fasteners
-Flexible and waterproof which makes it perfect for outdoor use (fix your decking with it!)

Construction Glue disadvantages

-Can be very toxic
-Can be flammable

Fixing Ornaments

manomano the handy mano DIY home repairs with glue

If you recently broke a treasured ornament then all hope is not lost! Superglue, or cyanoacryates, are perfect for small repairs when you need a strong and waterproof bond. This makes it perfect for fixing glass, ceramics and toys. The key to using superglue, is that less is more!  If you’re worried about using too much glue on a small ornament, then tip it onto some tine foil first and use a toothpick to apply it precisely over the damage.

Super Glue advantages

-You only need a small amount, so one tube can last you a very long time!
-Often very cheap and easy to find
-Dries very quickly
-It’s clear!

Super Glue disadvantages

-If it comes into contact with your skin it can be painful and difficult to remove! (We recommend trying to remove it with kitchen oils or WD-40)
-It can sometime dry too quickly, making it impossible to make mistakes
-The glue can dry up quickly if not stored correctly

Reattaching Laminate

manomano the handy mano DIY home repairs with glue laminate surfaces

Damaged edges of laminate benchtops can be glued down easily using a contact adhesive. The rubbery glue is available as either a solvent or water-based type, and can be applied to the surface with a brush before pushing the surfaces together while the glue is still tacky. The adhesive glue bonds on contact, therefore, you won’t need a clamp!

Contact Adhesive advantages

-No need for clamps!
-Dries quickly, making it perfect for a quick touch-up
-Has a long lifespan

Contact Adhesive disadvantages

-Can be expensive
-Can be very toxic! Make sure that you read the label thoroughly before use.

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Winter has set in, and with shorter days and longer nights comes an unfortunate increase in home burglaries. In fact, there’s normally a 25% spike in the number of home burglaries during autumn and winter. People go on holiday, homes are left empty, and the wet, windy weather can wreck havoc on loose panels and fences, leaving spots open for burglars to take advantage of. Never fear though – steps can certainly be taken to keep your home safe, and we’ve put together our best advice!

Secure your french door

You can buy fancy tools to do this, but a tension rod also works very well! Just extend the rod to ensure it’s pushing against your french door, keeping it from being forced open.

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars tension rod french doors

Be alarmed

Inexpensive alarms can be added to your doors and windows. Even a small noise could be enough to deter a burglar, and will signal that there is security throughout the house. These alarms are best used as well as wireless alarms, and in ‘hidden’ areas of the house which are used less often.

Invest in a small safe

There’s no need to splash out on a huge safe (unless you want to pretend you’re a spy in a movie…no judgement here). A small safe can be a very worthwhile investment to keep your sentimental or irreplaceable items safe. Be sure you fasten the safe to the floor or wall so it cannot be taken.

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars small safe

Reinforce garage doors

Go old school style and reinforce the doors in your garage using plywood panels and two brackets. This will help prevent weak spots in the door that burglars can easily target to gain entry.

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars garage door reinforce plywood

Think about your house exterior

Burglars will often choose houses that are shielded in some way (by bushes for example) from the public. This is something to keep in mind when deciding on your exterior landscaping.

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars overgrown bush bushes house hedge

Keep your spare keys safe

Burglars will sometimes search for spare keys left outside the house in order to gain entry. It can make a burglary experience even more horrific, as some insurance companies can refuse to pay out if there’s a lack of forced entry. A combination lock box for your keys, screwed to an inconspicuous part of your fence, will help prevent this. To be even safer, you could leave them with a neighbour.

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars handing over key to neighbour

Motion detector lighting

Motion detector lighting is a proven crime deterrent, and they can be pretty inexpensive to get your hands on.

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars motion sensor lights

Build a fence

If you haven’t already, fences are a great way to protect your property. Solid fences can be easier to climb over, and provide more shelter for a criminal. Consider securing your home with a gapped fence, perhaps with spikes on top.

Reinforce your doors

Burglars often gain entry with force, splitting the doorjamb. Reinforcing the hardware with a reinforcement plate kit on your door can prevent this.

Change the locks

If you’ve moved to a new property, it’s a good idea to change the locks. You don’t know how many copies of the key were made by previous owners, or where these have ended up – better safe than sorry!

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars changing locks

Don’t leave expensive items on show

Cars, barbecues, bikes.. all these things advertise your property to a criminal. Although it’s extra hassle, consider storing these things safely in the garage and out of sight from wandering eyes. Likewise, this applies to drawing curtains so they’re pulled shut when the house is vacant.

Befriend your neighbours

Crime tends to be lower in tight knit communities where neighbours will look out for each other. Making an effort to get to know your neighbours could be very worthwhile in the long run

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars neighbour talking over hedge

Don’t advertise your holidays

Resist the urge to post about upcoming holidays on social media, or to leave messages on your landline saying you’re away. Check where your calendar is, and if it’s facing an outside window, consider moving it – it lets people know when the house will be vacated.

Take extra precautions when away

It’s a good idea to buy a cheap radio and leave it running to create noise in the house. This combined with turning the sound of your doorbell down may make it difficult for a burglar to determine whether or not the house is occupied. When preparing to leave, we also recommend putting timers on your lights, and double checking every door and window is locked.

How to Secure Your Home During Winter thehandymano the handy mano manmano mano diy do it yourself protect from burglars lock windows

The best thing we can recommend, as all houses are different, is to walk around the outside of your property and try to see if through the eyes of a robber. Where are the weak spots? What are the deterrents? Doing this will hopefully give you a fresh sight on the vulnerabilities of your house and allow you to compensate for them.

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