We are excited to share that we have partnered with the Instagram famous styling duo Style Sisters to create an exclusive Edit and 10 top tips for styling a child’s bedroom, featuring clever storage and multifunctional furniture.

Top storage tips for a child's bedroom by The Style Sisters

The Style Sisters have risen to fame by helping their clients to style and organise their homes and wardrobes. From smaller wardrobe detoxes and decluttering to full organisational home makeovers, the sisters are on hand to transform their clients’ homes.

The Edit

The Edit focuses on clever storage solutions and multifunctional furniture for a child’s bedroom. With the help of ManoMano, you can shape your world in your own vision and make the most of whatever space you have – from wooden bunk beds with drawers underneath and a cow themed storage stool to characterful home accessories.

  1. Wooden Bunk Beds £269.99
  2. Storage Animal Stool £79.99
  3. Chest of 5 Drawers £221.00
  4. Real Cow Hide Rug £153.99
  5. White Ladder Shelf £179.99
  6. Blayne Pendant Light £68.48
  7. Children’s Desk and Stool £86.16
  8. Wardrobe £359.99
  9. Knot Cushion £39.99
  10. Teepee Play Tent £42.99
  11. Storage Box £49.99

*Stock levels may vary and will be restocked throughout the year. Alternative products are also available on the website.

Top 10 tips: Styling a child’s bedroom

1. Choose furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also holds plenty of storage! You want to make sure you’re picking pieces that are stylish, practical and functional. 

2. Beds with under the bed storage like the drawers in the bunk beds we have chosen are a great way to maximise space and storage. 

Under bed storage comes in handy to maximise space
Under bed storage and ottomans come in handy to maximise space

3. Ottomans are perfect for storing away items like toys and teddies, you can make them multi functional by popping a few cushions on top so it can also double up as seating. 

4. Think outside the box with storage especially in smaller rooms. Don’t neglect wall space! Use shelves to display and store items.

5. Think about purchasing furniture that can grow with your child rather than nursery furniture. Consider a chest of drawers you can add a changing topper/ mat to, so that you can simply take these off when the child no longer needs them, leaving you with a chest of drawers that still has purpose in the room!

Choose pieces of furniture that can grow with your children
Choose pieces of furniture that can grow with your children

6. Over the door storage is also a great solution for otherwise unused space. A great hack is to use over the door shelving (shoe pockets also work great and can be found inexpensively) – you could use them for teddies/toys! 

7. Desks don’t have to be big and bulbous! Choose one that has lift-up storage like we have used and consider placing shelves above to store craft items on. This way it takes up minimal space but hosts a cute creative corner for the children to use and love! 

Multifunctional desks with lift-up storage are a clever way to store more away

8. Slimline velvet hangers are perfect for a children’s wardrobe. They take up less space than other hangers and leave everything looking super stylish too! 

9. Sleek freestanding shelving displays are great to store books and toys. They make a lovely alternative to a traditional bookcase and are more narrow so don’t take up as much room. 

Try a ladder shelf for storing books & toys

10. Storage baskets are perfect for holding children’s toys. Choose baskets that match the style of the room and go as big as the space will allow. You can place them around the room to store the toys away – you can also bring the basket into other rooms when needed!

Gemma & Charlotte, The Style Sisters
Gemma & Charlotte, The Style Sisters

 “We’ve loved creating an edit with ManoMano and wanted to show what can be done to freshen up and modernise a kids bedroom. Our aim was to utilise space by selecting furniture with storage incorporated into it and we’re excited to show you the end result”, the Style Sisters.

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Rattan furniture care guide written by PicaronaBlog

Wicker, bamboo and rattan are natural materials which, due to their characteristics, are used to make all kinds of beautiful things: baskets, furniture, hats, and suitcases. You probably have some of these at home, so we will show you how to clean them and keep them in perfect condition.

Natural materials at home and in the garden

Although wicker, bamboo and rattan are some of the most commonly used materials, we must also add cattail (a fibre that is braided to make the seat of wooden chairs) and reed to this list. The latter is used to manufacture most of the baskets that many of us use as plant pot covers, which are popular at the moment.

Care for you rattan & wicker basket
(C) Lauren Mancke

Having said this, it is important to stress that wicker and all the other natural fibres can be cleaned with water, as long as we avoid over-wetting them. If we placed them under the water tap or used a hose to clean the garden furniture, we would ruin them. In addition, avoid leaving your garden furniture outdoors during the rainy months, as water can cause fungus to appear.

The best advice to keep your natural fibre & rattan furniture, pot covers, and baskets in good condition is to carry out weekly or monthly cleaning maintenance, to prevent dirt from building up in the nooks between the fibre braiding.

Rattan furniture care: weekly cleaning and maintenance

Rattan furniture care

I recently dug out this old flower pot holder from the junk closet. Usually, for rattan furniture care you begin cleaning the natural fibre by hoovering it, to remove most of the dirt.

If you have a hoover, feel free to use it, as it will remove most of the dust that settles on your natural fibre items. By avoiding dust build-up, the object will remain in good condition for much longer.

If you don’t have a hoover, use a cloth made of a material that doesn’t fray, as the threads could get stuck or tangled up in the fibres. It can be dry or slightly damp with water, but wring it out well before using it.

Rattan furniture care: Cleaning stains on wicker, bamboo and rattan

When one of your natural fibre items is stained, avoid using bleach, which should only be used if the stain is very dark.
These are some of the most common ways to clean stains from natural fibres. They are listed from least to most damaging to the natural fibres:

1) Water and salt

First remove the dust on the object with the hoover or with a damp cloth. Next, dissolve a couple of tablespoons of coarse salt in 1 litre of hot water. Damp a cloth with it and rub the stains until they disappear.
Let it dry in the open air, avoiding direct sunshine.

2) Water and detergent

Use hot water and add a splash of neutral detergent. If the stain is very superficial or fresh, pick up a few soap bubbles with a damp hand and apply them to the stain. Then rub with a cloth.

If the stain persists, damp the cloth in the soapy water and rub the stain. Rinse it to remove the soap residue and let it dry in the open air, avoiding direct sunshine.

3) Water, detergent and ammonia

For tough stains, try adding a squirt of ammonia to the aforementioned mix. Damp the cloth, place it on the stain and rub vigorously and continuously. You can use a toothbrush if the weft of the fibre makes it difficult for the cleaning product to penetrate. Always follow the direction of the braiding to make it easier to remove the dirt.Rinse it and let it dry in the open air, avoiding direct sunshine.

Clean wicker & rattan furniture and baskets
Clean & care for your wicker baskets

4) Steam cleaners

Steam cleaners are ideal for deep cleaning wicker, bamboo and rattan. If the object that you want to clean is delicate, such as a hat, don’t bring the nozzle of the steam cleaner too close to it.

Spray soapy water (you can also add a little ammonia) on the object that you intend to clean, let it act for a few seconds and then apply the steam to it.
Let it dry thoroughly before using it again or putting it back in place.

Rattan furniture care: remove mould stains from bamboo, wicker and rattan

Fungi or mould can crop up on these natural fibres, forming more or less circular stains of a brownish or blackish colour. In order to remove these mould stains, use hot water and bleach, which will kill the fungus and completely remove it from the fibre.

Prepare a 50/50 mixture of water and bleach, damp a cloth with it and rub the stains until they disappear.
If the mould is just beginning to form and you can see little dark dots, you can use less bleach, as they will be much easier to remove.

Rinse it well and let it dry in the open air, preferably in the shade.

Clean the natural fibres
Clean your rattan plant holder

If any of the fibres come off, which is what happened to the handle of this basket, you can glue it back using white wood glue.

Last but not least, here are a few extra tips that you might find useful: if you want to restore shine to wicker baskets, chairs and furniture, you can use a furniture cleaning spray product. Let it dry a bit, and then rub gently. The wax will restore its beautiful shine.

Most plant pot covers are lined with plastic precisely to prevent them from getting wet and mouldy. If yours does not have one, use a plastic bag to protect the base and sides. You can fix it onto the fibre by sewing it, so that it does not move when you remove the pot to water the plant. If you only want to protect the base from excess moisture, recycle a supermarket plastic tray, a plastic bottle or part of a tetra brik container, placing it on the bottom. Your plant pot covers will thank you for it.

Wicker furniture
(C) Content Pixie

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The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, and one of the rooms with the least storage space. These handy bathroom organisation tricks will help keep the space clutter-free.

 1. Extra Shower Rail

bathroom organisation tricks Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano shower rail

Keep everything in your shower within reach and off the floor by putting up an extra rail in your shower. 

2. Wall-mounted cabinet

Bathroom storage ideas

Make the most of every inch in your bathroom by transforming your toilet into another storage surface. Pop a tray on the cistern and hang all your toilet essentials off the sides.

3. Drawer Organisers

Source: HomeBNC

If you’re sick of opening your draws and scrabbling around in a heap of half-finished tubes and tubs every morning, this is the tip for you. Pick up some cheap draw organisers or small baskets and transform you bathroom experience.

4. Extra Shelving

bathroom organisation tricks Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano shelves
Source: Graceful Order

Save yourself from filling the sink with products by adding some small shelves next to the mirror.

5. Cabinet Toothbrushes

bathroom organisation tricks toothbrush storage Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano

A few little cuts will keep your toothbrushes off the sink and clean in the cabinet.

6. Magnetic Storage

bathroom organisation tricks magnetic strip Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano
Source: Diply

Repurpose a magnetic knife strip in the bathroom and save your small items from getting lost. 

7. Bath Time Baskets

bathroom organisation tricks toy storage Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano
Source: Tiger Feng

Prevent the bathroom from turning into a impenetrable mass of toys with some baskets and a shower rail. This system means that happy bathers can still easily grab and replace a favourite toy as well.

8. Mason Jar Organiser

bathroom organisation tricks mason jars Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano
Source: DIY Playbook

This chic organisational idea finds a use for all those jars you just can’t bear to throw away. Simply attach your jars to an appropriately sized piece of wood and then mount it all on the wall.

9. Repurposed Baskets

Transform industrial, wire baskets into chic shelves and give yourself stacks more storage space in the process.

10. 360° Shelving

bathroom organisation cabinet storage Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano
Source: MiniManor

Stop creating a product avalanche every time you need to dig something out of a cupboard; install a lazy-Susan. With gentile spin, nothing is out of your reach!

11. More Shelves!

Use all of the space available in your bathroom, and add a shelf above your sink to keep everything neatly organised at eye-level.

12. Magnetic Makeup

bathroom organisation magnetic board Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano

Display your makeup in this gorgeous, magnetic display and stop it from piling up in your drawers.

13. Filing Your Hairdryer

Use a file holder to store your hairdryer and its cord neatly out of the way.

14. Potty Shelving

bathroom organisation pot storage Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano

Who says pots are only useful in the garden? Adding pots into a shelf will enable you to corral all those long-handled objects in one place.

15. Ladder Shelving


Give yourself an added layer of shelf space with a vintage ladder. You can use it to hang towels to dry, or add baskets to store smaller items as well.

16. DIY Rope Shelving

Source: The Home Depot

Create these nautical-inspired shelves with a bit of rope and a few planks. 

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Annually, Pantone sparks design inspiration and creativity across the world with the announcement of their Color of the Year. This universal language of colour is used globally, setting trends and bringing fresh ideas.

Pantone Color of the Year 2021
Pantone Color of the Year 2021

The Pantone Color of the Year 2021 is a combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, reflecting a message of strength and hopefulness. Following a rocky 2020, the marriage of these two colours aims to inspire hope and stability.

Interiors inspiration by ManoMano
(C) You X Ventures

To help turn this design inspiration into a reality, we have put together our top 14 Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey picks so you can bring this uplifting combination to life in your own home!

Living Room Design Inspiration

Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Living Room
Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Living Room

1. 2-seat sofa, £261.99 – 2. Marble coffee table, £89.99 – 3. Grey beanbag, £69.99 – 4. Jute rug, £45.99 – 5. Yellow ottoman, £28.99 6. Yellow Chesterfield armchair, £219.99 – 7. Grey cabinet, £135.99

Pantone design inspiration by ManoMano
(C) Isaac Martin

Pantone Bedroom Inspiration

Using the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 hues, you can get creative by playing around new design ideas. Grey and yellow work well together for a variety of interior styles, including accessories for your bedroom.

Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Bedroom
Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Bedroom

Sideboard chest with wicker drawers, £139.99 – 2. Yellow rocking chair, £149.99 – 3. Gold side table, £129.99 – 4. Grey wood bed frame, £289.99 – 5. Knot cushion, £55.00 – 6. Bedside table, £89.00 7. Yellow footstool, £114.99 

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Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to get more out of a small room​​, ManoMano’s small space design ideas will help get your creative ideas flowing. We have put together some of our best products and savvy tips for decorating small spaces on a budget.

Bedroom decor that won’t cost an arm and a leg!

Even those who don’t live in a palace deserve a bedroom that’s comfortable, practical, beautiful and conducive to a perfect night’s sleep.

Here are some tips on how to decorate a small room on a budget:

  • First of all, sort, declutter and keep only the essentials.
  • Optimise your storage: a large shelf, closet or chest of drawers… Your room will appear more spacious if things have been tidied up/hidden.
  • Choose a comfortable bed with soft cushions and light-coloured sheets, which create an open and relaxed space.
  • Consider adding some soft lighting elements (bedside lamp, fairy lights) to create a cosy atmosphere.

Why not do it yourself?

Check out our selection for affordable bedroom furnishings here.

Clever design for small spaces

1. LED moon Lamp, £12.99 – 2. Solid pine bed frame, £126.99
3. Bedside table in mango wood, £94.99

Small space design: make a cosy living room

What’s the golden rule when it comes to furnishing small spaces? Be practical and optimise!

  • For your sofa, opt for a two-seater convertible bed so you can host family and friends or, if you are in a studio, to sleep on at night.
  • Consider getting a small coffee table: to save more space, go for higher instead of wider. And make sure it has extra storage space.
  • If you need extra seating, simply invest in a few footstools for the floor or a single but inviting chair.
  • To maximise space, avoid putting too much on the floor. Instead, opt for space-saving furniture such as shelves, wall-mounted TVs and ceiling lights. The less you have on the floor, the more space you’ll save.
  • And consider adding a touch of nature with some small green plants!
Affordable design ideas for your small living room

1. Knitted pouffe, £111 – 2. Foldable futon sofa bed, £299.99 –
3. Solid mango wood coffee table, £183.99

Our tips on decorating living rooms on a budget:

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