The summer season is knocking at the door and after a wet winter, which made us spend longer hours indoors than we would have liked, we cannot wait to head outside and spend more time in the garden. If you have a garden or a terrace, you will already be envisioning yourself enjoying an al fresco aperitif with your family, or spending long hours outside catching up with friends and enjoying the good weather. So, don’t waste a second, it’s time to get to work! And at ManoMano we would like to offer you different decoration suggestions and ideas for creating an outdoor living space you’ll love.

Outdoor living space design ideas
Outdoor living space design ideas

Before you get started with the design of your outdoor area, you need to carefully study the space and choose the furniture to suit its specific dimensions. To get the most of it, ideally you would include a dining area as well as a relaxation area, or bring the two together if necessary.

Here are our top 5 tips on outdoor living space design:

  1. If your outdoor space is large, the ideal option is to include a dining table and chair set for at least six people, as well as comfortable sofas or armchairs to enjoy a nice evening. If the space is on the smaller side, you can always opt for an extendable table and folding chairs, which won’t take up a lot of space, but can allow you to host a few guests. A parasol or pergola can be a great way to create a shaded area. They can both protect us from the sun in the day time, as well as from the cold when evenings get chilly.
  1. A chill-out area, essential. They are ideal in the porch, the area near the pool, or a corner in the garden. Rattan armchairs, natural wood sofas or deck chairs will create a space for relaxation. If you have a small terrace, you can opt for fringed canvas hammocks, which can easily be put up and taken down. Another option is to put a hanging chair in a corner of the terrace.  They take up no space and provide your outdoor area with a summery and boho look.
Natural furniture adds a sense of calm to your outdoor living space
Natural furniture adds a sense of calm to your outdoor living space (C) Edvin Johannson
  1. Side and coffee tables, the perfect complement. Whether they are in your chill-out area surrounded by sofas and armchairs or next to your loungers, they are as aesthetic as they are practical when you want to serve an aperitif and enjoy those magical sunsets typical of the summer season. They are also quite useful in your gazebo or dining area, to leave extra drinks, glasses or dishes.
  1. Good lighting, essential. Lighting is a great way to set the ambiance, but in order to achieve this, you have to carefully study the location of the lights and the effect you want them to have. Size, distribution, design and intensity are key factors to consider when choosing the lighting for your outdoor area. It is therefore essential to distinguish between lights whose function it is to illuminate and mood lighting. Both are absolutely essential if you want to create a cosy and stylish area. While you can use wall lights or lamps hanging from the gazebo to provide enough light at night, indirect lights will create a magical atmosphere around you: fairy lights, spotlights with indirect lighting in strategic corners of the garden, or solar floor lamps can be your allies when decorating your outdoor area. 
Lighting is great for outdoor ambiance (C) Hannah Busing
Lighting is great for outdoor ambiance (C) Hannah Busing
  1. Small details you will fall in love with. Once you have the basic furniture in place, it’s time to fill your garden with small details that will provide both originality and style. We recommend that you opt for a natural tone palette and light textiles such as cotton or linen, with smooth textures and vibrant patterns reminiscent of the sea. Big candles for the table and lanterns on the floor, light blankets for chilly nights, and natural fibre ottomans, and last but not least, bamboo or jute rugs to frame and delimit the different areas.  

1. Festoon fairy lights 2. Hanging hammock 3. Jute rug 4. Retractable pergola

With the help of these handy tips, you will create a fantastic outdoor area in which to enjoy unique moments this summer. 

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Article written by Paula Silvagni

Passionate about interior design, Paula is a deco-coach and Instagrammer (@paula_silvagni_interiors). From her Instagram page, she shows the latest trends to decorate every corner of your home with style.

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All homes have something that makes them unique. It could be their facade, the porch, the garden or even a small corner that emanates a special charm. Light can be very helpful in creating a special atmosphere, and easily become the star element of your terrace or garden during warm evenings. Outdoor lighting should be carefully designed, bearing in mind the mood that you want to create and transmit.

Here are a few tips for your outdoor lighting, so you can make the best out of your favourite outdoor spot. These are a number of things to consider when choosing outdoor lighting: the distribution and size of the space, the elements within it, such as plants, the style of the pool, a relaxation area, etc.

The ManoMano Outdoor Lighting collection offers a wide range of options to always hit the mark with the best lighting.

“Chill out” outdoor lighting

This type of outdoor space, which is getting more and more popular, is always designed with warm lighting to create the desired effect of peace, calm and tranquility. This can be achieved with fairy lights, lanterns, or candles in a corner. Alternatively, you could simply add a few table or floor lamps to control the light intensity and even its colour. The range of possibilities to light your outdoor space is huge, so you can be sure that there is one to suit your preferred decoration style. 

Trend tip: to create a relaxing atmosphere, where you can enjoy the company of friends in the early evening, lanterns and hanging garlands can be your best ally.

Summer garden lighting

1. Pineapple fairy lights, £11.99 – 2. Willow wood lantern, £49.00- 3. Hanging light, £37.00

The centre of attention this spring: your garden

Throughout spring & summer, your garden is probably the liveliest area of your home, both during the day and at night. This is why a good lighting design to highlight the beauty of your own personal Eden is so important. And in this case, practicality definitely takes a back seat to give way to aesthetics. You could accent your lush trees with spotlights projecting upwards, and then you could light plants and bushes with softer ambient lighting, creating a magical space. You could also light the stairs or entrance to the house with built-in or LED light fixtures for an elegant finish.

Outdoor decor

4. Solar paneled hanging jar lights, £33.99 – 5. Pack of 3 solar LED lanterns, £25.77 – 6. Pack of 12 LED stone spotlights, £28.99

And don’t forget! Solar lamps are a must as we head into the summer months. They will provide you with a wonderful light obtained directly from the sun and you can use them to light the path to your front door.

Outdoor lighting for summer evenings
(C) Lights4fun

Outdoor lighting: facade

The facade is always the first thing that we notice in a house, providing us with our first impression of it. So it is key to draw attention to our facade in an understated and simple fashion, for example, with recessed ground spotlights, or wall lights that you can project to light particular areas that you want to highlight. It is also important to take into account the materials that the facade is made of, such as stone, wood, exposed brick, or any other material that might be especially beautiful. You will be able to both enhance your outdoor space as well as create a warm and charming area to welcome friends and family.

Outdoor lighting ideas

7. Steinel sensor light, £56.81 – 8. Curved outdoor wall light, £29.99 – 9. Metal wall light, £29.99

Take note of this tip! Sensor wall lights are the best option to emphasise your beautiful facade when you are walking around the garden. You can find them in many shapes and sizes, to suit the area that you want to highlight.

A good night dip

A swim in the pool at night or even dusk is one the great pleasures of summer.  For this you need adequate lighting both around the pool and inside it. The resulting effect will be soothing and relaxing. Special led pool lights for both the surface of the pool and the walls may be your best option. You could also use led spotlights to illuminate the pool area. If you would rather create a somewhat more intimate vibe, you can always use floating lights in the pool.

10. 3 LED floating balls, £17.99 – 11. 2 solar glow globes, £27.55 – 12. Colour-changing floating ball, £18.74

A must if you have a pool: the latest trend in lighting design for pools are floating LED lights. They will allow you to enjoy the pool at night without having to call a builder or electrician, and they will add a tropical touch to your space. Always make sure that they are waterproof, even those that you place near the pool.

There are thousands of ways to light your outdoor space and turn it into a special and magical place. Did you like any of the ideas here?

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By My Tiny Estate

A few years ago Dean and I visited a historic home in England with the most amazing rose garden. I remember how before I walked into the Rose garden I started smelling the most incredible scent. As I walked through the walled garden gate I saw the incredible colours of all the bloom and that was the moment I decided to create a rose garden where I could sit and enjoy my book and a cup of tea.

We spent weeks doing research on how to create a quintessential British rose garden without having to hire any professional help and doing the work ourselves. The beauty of a rose garden is, that you can adapt it to any garden.

Before any project starts we always ensure that we have all the tools that we need, that is why we went to ManoMano as they have everything that you need for any project at great prices so you don’t need to be shopping around. After 10 minutes shopping we were set to start.

What you’ll need

9 easy steps to creating a beautiful rose garden

1- Decide the location
Decide the location of your rose garden
Decide the location of your rose garden

The fundamental step is to decide where would you like to have a rose garden. This step is rather important as you need to consider not only the amount of sun that the garden will be getting but consider how the space will flow. All roses grow best in full sun with moist, well-drained soil that’s rich in organic matter. Make sure your roses get at least 6 hours of direct sun a day; if they get less light, the plants won’t bloom as well and will be more susceptible to attack from pests and diseases.

2- Measure the site & design your layout
Measure the site & design your layout
Measure the site & design your layout

To design a good layout, it’s very important that you get pen, paper and a tape measure. You will want to draw up the shape of the area that will be the rose garden and measure it, write it all down on paper, as this will be crucial to start designing.

By now roses will probably be the only thing you are thinking about, you would have pinned lots of inspiration photographs, you will have an idea about colours, and you will overall have a good idea how you will want the overall scheme of your garden. This is the phase where you should take your time creating different options, create paths, write down measurements, and see what design you feel works best for the area and flows better within your garden.

3- Clear the Area
Clear the area to create a blank canvas
Clear the area to create a blank canvas

The back breaking work commences! If you, like us, have an area that has not been touched for many years you need to clear all the ground from brambles, nettles, etc. You’ll want to start with a blank canvas, which will help you bring your design to life. Trim any hedges that you have around so they don’t interfere later on. We used a variety of different tools that we purchased from to help us with the work. It is always worth treating yourself to tools and machines that will help you do the job better and faster, especially if you doing the work yourselves. Look at it as a sensible investment!

4- Work the Soil

The hard work continues! If you feel exhausted have a nice cup of tea and look back at the amount of work that you have already done, which is sure to bring your energy back in no time. Working the soil is very important; you want to turn it well so you can level it up and loosen it so when you start planting your new roses, so the roots don’t have to spend all their energy trying to break up the soil. You might find a lot of loose roots lying around as you cleared the area in step 4. This is completely ok; try to remove as much as you can. We used the wood chipper to break down bits of wood and create mulch for the rose garden.

We could not have done this job without the tiller. Turning the soil on a big patch takes patience and perseverance. But once you do it you will finally have the blank canvas you need.

5- Mark the Paths and Beds

Remember the design with the layout that you did? Now is the time to use it as we now start applying the drawing to create your rose garden! Start by measuring and marking where the paths will go, and where you will want the beds. To make your job a lot easier use pegs and string to mark the lines. When this is done you can mark the ground with spray paint, as this will enable you to remove the pegs and string and have a really good vision of the design. If you would like everything to be perfectly flat use a spirit level and ensure your string lines are level. Otherwise pull them tight and work with the falls of the land.

6- Install Path Edging 
Install path edging for a vintage look
Install path edging for a vintage look

This is a personal design preference we decided to add to our rose garden design. We added victorian rope edging to make the space feel like it has always been there, a bit more of a vintage feel, and to better define the lines and paths. There are many creative options if you decide to put edgings! 

Installing is not as daunting and difficult as it may seem. What you want to do is to use two pegs, one on each end of the border, and put a string connecting them both, ensure the string is tight and level. With a hand spade, dig a small trench underneath the string and start laying the edging to sit just below the string (we used the string as a marker of what height we wanted the edging), then fill the gaps with soil and press it. 

We also mixed some mortar and put it along the lines to reinforce it but this is not a requirement and is completely optional.

7- Build and install your arches
Build your rose garden path using arches
Build your rose garden path using arches

Our rose garden design had to have some arches, it is a rose garden after all! We got ours from and its great fun to put them together as its very quick and you can place them wherever you want them to be. 

We used simple metal arches and joined four together to build a central arbor in the centre of our rose garden.

By now your whole structure will be built and you will be dreaming about starting to plant!

8- Grass the paths
Grass your rose garden paths
Grass your rose garden paths

We wanted to have grass paths in our rose garden design to make it feel even more like a garden. Laying turf always instantly transforms and beautifies any space! Make sure that you have all the tools to maintain the grass afterwards, we got all ours from ManoMano and we opted for the battery powered ones. 

9- Plant your rose beds
Plant your rose beds
Plant your rose beds

All the hard work has finally paid off! Now you finally start filling the beds with the roses that you have always wanted and continue to enjoy them for many years to come. The great thing about a rose garden is that you can get planting at any time of the year (except when it is very cold or there is frost on the ground). We used a high quality topsoil for planting. As roses prefer the soil to drain well, adding sand to your mix is always a good idea.

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Whether you’ve found yourself stuck at home solo, partnered up or with a family, you are not alone in wondering how to keep busy in the coming weeks. Whether it’s for a house in the countryside or a flat in the city, we’ve got lots of ideas to keep busy at home during this period. The next few weeks are an ideal opportunity for finally tackling your home and garden (or balcony!) DIY projects. So go on, make the most of this time to create, repair, organise or even redecorate your cozy living space.

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Armed with these 50 inspirations and a little motivation, remember: YOU CAN DO IT!

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