The last few days have been scorching, and while most of us enjoy the warmer weather, we remain on the lookout for ways to keep cool when the temperature goes up. Here are 5 handy tops to keep cool as a cucumber and stop your home from turning into a furnace throughout this mini heatwave. 

Keep cool at home
Keep cool at home


To prevent heat from entering your home, remember to keep your windows closed and your blinds down. What’s the best way to stop heat from coming in? We recommend thermal blinds or heat reflective solar film. They protect your home from the sun and heat while allowing some natural light to pass through. When night falls, it’s a good idea to open your windows. This will create a draught and reduce the temperature so you can get a good night’s sleep in hot weather.


Plants help keep temperatures cool

When it comes to keeping temperatures down, plants are an incredible asset. What’s more, they regulate humidity, which helps freshen the air. Imagine a dense forest, where temperatures are much more pleasant and comfortable. We recommend opting for plants that clean the air and are easy to maintain, such as philodendrons, azaleas, ficus, cactus, ivy and ferns. 

To get green fingers:

Browse our selection of fans and air conditioners to keep cool at home here:



When temperatures soar, we recommend putting wet sheets and towels on your windows. As the water evaporates, it will help keep your home cool. Another tip: if your floors are made of tiles, stone or concrete, we recommend wetting them. And if you have a paved garden area, hosing it down will help keep the outdoor area a bit cooler. And last but not least, try placing water—in a bucket or basin, for example—at different points around your home.


Keep cool at home with linen
(C) Beazy

To ensure a good night’s sleep in hot weather, replace your cosy winter duvet with a cotton or linen bedsheet. Do the same with pillowcases whenever temperatures rise. We also suggest spreading a damp sheet over your sofa to cool the space—just don’t forget to remove cushions, throws and other heat traps lurking in the living room.


When it’s hot outside, you can stop electrical appliances—TVs, computers and ovens, for example—from overheating by simply unplugging them. The same goes for indoor lighting. And as days are now longer, you won’t need extra bulbs heating up your home. Keeping lights to a minimum is better for the planet too.

In the kitchen, avoid using appliances that generate heat and electricity. Instead of using the kettle, oven, cooker or microwave, why not have a refreshing salad and glass of iced tea?

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Annually, Pantone sparks design inspiration and creativity across the world with the announcement of their Color of the Year. This universal language of colour is used globally, setting trends and bringing fresh ideas.

Pantone Color of the Year 2021
Pantone Color of the Year 2021

The Pantone Color of the Year 2021 is a combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating, reflecting a message of strength and hopefulness. Following a rocky 2020, the marriage of these two colours aims to inspire hope and stability.

Interiors inspiration by ManoMano
(C) You X Ventures

To help turn this design inspiration into a reality, we have put together our top 14 Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey picks so you can bring this uplifting combination to life in your own home!

Living Room Design Inspiration

Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Living Room
Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Living Room

1. 2-seat sofa, £261.99 – 2. Marble coffee table, £89.99 – 3. Grey beanbag, £69.99 – 4. Jute rug, £45.99 – 5. Yellow ottoman, £28.99 6. Yellow Chesterfield armchair, £219.99 – 7. Grey cabinet, £135.99

Pantone design inspiration by ManoMano
(C) Isaac Martin

Pantone Bedroom Inspiration

Using the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 hues, you can get creative by playing around new design ideas. Grey and yellow work well together for a variety of interior styles, including accessories for your bedroom.

Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Bedroom
Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Bedroom

Sideboard chest with wicker drawers, £139.99 – 2. Yellow rocking chair, £149.99 – 3. Gold side table, £129.99 – 4. Grey wood bed frame, £289.99 – 5. Knot cushion, £55.00 – 6. Bedside table, £89.00 7. Yellow footstool, £114.99 

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With Halloween 2020 falling over a weekend and a full moon, we could be in for a real treat. To celebrate, we have put together a frighteningly tempting selection of our top Halloween decorations, from hanging lanterns to inflatable ghouls and novelty accessories for your pets. Read on for some devilish inspiration if you dare…


Trick out your home with some of our top Halloween decor, including an inflatable pumpkin and ghost tree, hanging witch hat lights, and a pet Halloween costume!

ManoMano’s spookily tempting Halloween Decorations
  1. Hanging light up witches hat – £7.99
  2. Pumpkin scratching mat for cats – £13.77
  3. Pet bat costume – £7.99
  4. Skeleton arm decoration – £8.45
  5. Skull hand lamp – £6.99
  6. Halloween lamp – £5.99
  7. Scary inflatable tree – £48.99 


Give your home a simple seasonal makeover this October with some of our festive ideas! We’ve put together some spooktacular deals at our one-stop-shop for the scariest Halloween decorations, for both inside and outside. Pumpkins & ghosts & skulls, oh my!

Devilish deals for ManoMano Halloween Decorations
  1. Trick or treat hanging decoration – £5.99
  2. 4 piece porch decorations – £9.18
  3. Pumpkin lantern string – £4.99
  4. Pumpkin lantern – £12.99
  5. Skull piggy bank – £24.90
  6. Inflatable ghost – £28.99
  7. Skull bandana – £5.99

For further seasonal inspiration and ideas, check out ManoMano’s complete Halloween section.

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It’s the ManoMano Autumn Sale! Whether it’s a new armchair, side table or radiator, we have cherry picked some of our favourite deals. Enjoy!

Sale: Cosy Living Spaces

What better occasion to complete the finishing touches to make your interiors cosy and functional this winter. Coat racks, floor lamps and pouffes with soft and warm materials – you name it, we’ve got it in the ManoMano Autumn Sale!

Cosy living spaces with the ManoMano Autumn Sale
Warm materials create a cosy living space

Bedside cabinet: £59.99 instead of £111.98 – 2. Hanging pendant light: £49.99 instead of £59.99 – 3. Velvet accent chair: £137.99 instead of £196.99 – 4. Plant pot £20.63 instead of £35.07 – 5. Coat rack: £71.99 instead of £143.98 – 6. Geometric velvet bench: £67.99 instead of £84.99 – 7. Velvet pouffe: £29.99 instead of £53.78

Sale: Keep warm

Stay toasty as the season gets cooler. Here are our top picks from the ManoMano Autumn Sale for ways to keep warm!

Keep warm with the ManoMano Autumn Sale
Optimise your interior space to keep warm

Log burner: £303.95 instead of £597.99 – 2. Vertical radiator: £130.23 instead of £379.99 – 3. Two wood bar stools: £113.99 instead of £148.99 – 4. Radiator cover: £72.89 instead of £86.99 – 5. Electric fireplace: £119.99 instead of £189.99 – 6. Wicker log basket: £13.99 instead of £14.99 – 7. Wooden floor lamp: £89.99 instead of £114.99      

For further sale inspiration, discover the complete selection of our discounted products from the Autumn Sale.

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If you’re leaving your house unattended for a little while, there are lots of ways to make sure your space is secured and least of a target as possible for potential break ins. In this post, we’ve collected all the best tips and precautions for you on how to keep safe and street wise.

  1. Alarm system

Having an alarm system in your home is a great investment. Not only can you go away in peace knowing that any unknown movement will be picked up on, but it can also provide a lot of reassurance. There are many type of systems available for whatever you may need, some of them including CCTV, outdoor sensored lighting, alarms on as many doors of the house as you like and even remote controlling so that you are able to check up on it whilst you are away. Always expect the unexpected!

2. Look lived in

Simple tasks like mowing the lawn really do make a difference to making sure your home doesn’t look neglected and vulnerable to break ins. Additionally, setting timers for the radio and lights in your house whilst you are away is a great way of deterring potential suspicions. Set timers for the usual time of day that you’d use these: for example if you use a radio to wake you up in the morning keep it on during your time away, making sure it can turn itself off. The same thing goes for lights: install a timer switch to set the light in your hallway to turn itself on when it gets dark for a few hours and people will think that you are living in the house as normal!

3. Warning signs

In order to be extra safe, it’s also worth making sure that anyone who may be potentially thinking of breaking and entering knows that you have security measures in place. Even if you don’t have a real alarm set up in your house or are yet to get one done, we would suggest getting an alarm bell box on the outside of your home, real or fake. This is a clear signal that you have taken precautions to secure your home.

4. A safe

If you are worried about any high value possessions you may have, using a safe will keep your mind at rest, in the knowledge that they wouldn’t be accessible to anyone who tries to find them. To take extra precaution, be sure to hide the safe away not in an open space where it could be easily found, perhaps at the back of a wardrobe or in a loft.

5. Help from your neighbourhood

If you are aware that your neighbours are around during your time away, it may be worth asking them to keep an eye out or check up on your home for anything unusual. This could be in the form of collecting your post, parking their car in your driveway or even coming in every day to feed a pet or open and close your curtains. Alternatively, if this isn’t an option for you it’s worth having at look at your local neighbourhood watch scheme to see how you could get involved and receive community alert messages.

6. Durable doors

In the majority of break ins, criminals break into the house or flat through the door either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your doors strong and secure. Which material is your door made out of? If you feel like this is a possible risk for you, consider fitting in a bar for extra strength and precaution. For advice on how best to install it, speak to your local locksmith who should be able to guide you through it.

In addition, glass doors are vulnerable as they are easy to break and then give access to the locks. Switching to laminated glass will mean that your glass is much more durable. Adding film will also give it that extra layer and make it more difficult to break.

7. Deliveries

Whilst it’s easier to prevent making deliveries to your address for when you’re away, trivial deliveries like letters and milk can be easily forgotten about. Luckily enough, postage services like The Royal Mail have in place a ‘Keepsafe’ service. This allows the post that you’d be receiving to be kept aside by them for up to 2 months, should you need it. As for milk deliveries, be sure to let them know the period of time that you’re going away for and they will be able to put deliveries on hold for you.

8. Home exchange

If you prefer to have someone living in your house keeping an eye on it all the times there are plenty of sites available should you wish to do a home exchange. Similarly to AirBnB, they include ratings, feedback and recommendations of other users for your safety. There is trust on both sides of care for one anothers spaces and best of all, you can go away and stay in another person’s accomodation for free! Not too shabby.

We hope you found some useful tips and tricks about how to keep your home secure if you’re going away. Remember, it’s always good to double check everything is safe and secure before you leave and try not to be too vocal about it: not everyone has to know that the house could be empty! We’ve thought of everything so that you don’t have to, 😉 have a great trip!


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