At ManoMano, we admire those who MAKE. And it’s for that very reason that ManoMano supports makers and their projects by telling their stories in the series The Amazing Making Of. Join our celebration of imagination, creativity, hard work and eccentricity!

After the success of MadCow’s giant water slide in episode one, we present to you episode two!

In this episode we meet Gavin who shows us his crazy project on how he uses nature to grow furniture. In his 6 acres of field, Gavin grows chairs, lamps, tables… and maybe even one day, houses!

Find out how he does it:


The Amazing Making Of – Giant Water Slide

The Amazing Making Of – THE WINNERS


We asked makers from all accross 5 different European countries to show us the wildest projects they’ve ever created in order to give crazy and inventive DIY-ers the recognition they deserve. We recieved over a thousand applications and chose 5 winners… each to have their own episode in our series!

We’re delighted to present to you the 1st Episode of our series where we meet Charles, who has built with huge slide consisting of 67 metres of lino with throws you 7 metres high into the air! Amazing, right?!


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The Amazing Making Of – I Grow Furniture

The Amazing Making Of – THE WINNERS


Here are some Halloween door decorations which will literally throw you off of your hinges! All you need is a door, and some ideas. Oh wait, we’ve got that one covered for you. 😉

Use these terrifyingly brilliant ideas to decorate the outside of your home in order to prepare for visitors this Halloween – and let them know whether they’re in for a trick or a treat…

We love the Tim Burton ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ spin on this design, an ultimate spooky classic! Do you recon your neighbours could handle it?

This monstrosity is sure to be bagging a few frights and giggles.

This design only uses only one sheet of black paper, and is high on the scare scale, easy as pie!

Can you wrap your head around how this one was done? Don’t knock it till you try it.

The key is to make sure that people think they are being watched…

This creepy number is not exactly what we’d call a-door-able. Also this door is not a door since it’s slightly a-jar?

Shut the front door! You mean, that’s not a real monster?

If there’s a zombie apocalypse I wouldn’t trust this boarded up door. They’re practically dying to get to you through those gaps!

We hope that instead of shutting out the idea of decorating your door, your brain is wide open to the potentials of door decorations! If you wood catch my drift…

If you have a go yourself, please use the hashtag #ManoMaker we would love to see some of your ghouly transformations. 🙂


6 Easy Homemade Halloween Decorations

DIY Pumpkin Planter and How to Grow Your Own


Entertain the kids and practice your DIY skills at the same time with these creative giant garden games! You’re never too old to make (or play!) jenga, connect four, angry birds or kerplunk – so what are you waiting for?

Roll those sleeves up, start planning your wood cuts, and get DIY-ing with these walk through tutorials! (You can adapt the measurements for all of these giant garden games to make it the perfect size for you! Remember to let us know how your project came along on social media by searching for

Giant Garden Games

Giant Jenga (Easy)

thehandymano mano mano giant garden games DIY jenga

Tools and Materials


*Remember that jenga towers are square if you look straight down at them!*

-Chop your wood into 54 equal pieces (we made our pieces an inch long)
-Start sanding! You need the wood to be very smooth otherwise it’ll impact the game! This will also help the stain go onto it easier
-Once they’re sanded, make sure to wipe all of the pieces down with a damp cloth to remove any excess sawdust
-You can choose to leave your blocks natural or you can stain them. If you do choose to stain them, we recommend staining 3 edges of a wooden block at once with a rag, then flipping the block and staining the final side. You’ll need to have a large space to lay them all out while they dry!
-This is one of the easier giant garden games to make but you can personalise it by making the blocks match the colour scheme of your garden.


Giant Angry Birds (Hard)

thehandymano mano mano giant garden games DIY angry birds


Tools and Materials

2 foot by 5 foot 1/2 inch thick plywood
2 – 8 foot 2 x 4s
1 – 8 foot 1 x 4
2 – hurricane straps
1 scrap piece of 1 x 6 for the toys
1 scrap piece of 1 x 2
Nuts, bolts and nails
Rubber tubing
Circular saw
Scroll saw (manual or electric)
Knife to cut tubing


-Build a base/big enough for people to stand on whilst pulling the tubing back (this is very important!)
-Build a slingshot by cutting one 2 x 4 about 32 inches. This is the long base pole of the slingshot. Cut two 1 foot pieces of 2 x 4. These will be the two arms of the slingshot. Cut two 22 inch pieces of 1 x 4. Attach the two 1×4 pieces to either side of the 32 inch long 2 x 4 at a 90 degree angle. Slide a 1 foot section of 2 x 4 on each side of the arm (between the 1 x 4s). Drill a 3/8 inch hole in the center of each arm about 3 inches from the top of each arm. This is where rubber tubing will be attached.
-Put it all together! Cut another 18 inch long piece of your 2 x F at 45 degree angels on either side – this will be the brace for your slingshot. Place a hurricane anchor metal bracket to the base of the platform and also on one side of the slingshot. Hold it up there to determine where to attach it! Drill two 1/4 inch holes through the base and the slingshot. Insert two 1/4″ bolts and tighten with lock washer and wing nuts. Drill a hole on either side of the 2 x 4 brace and attach one end to the bracket on the base and one end to the bracket on the slingshot. Fasten with 1/4 inch bolt and lock washers and wing nuts. Cut two 2 feet lengths of exercise tubing. Get a piece of leather about one foot long and 5 inches wide. Put a grommet at either end. Attach the tubing to the slingshot and leather pouch.

Giant Kerplunk (Easy)

thehandymano mano mano giant garden games DIY kerplunk

Tools and Materials


-Start by screwing the 16-inch 2 x 4 boards together to form a square. Then, screw the 10-inch 4 x 4 boards to the four corners of the square to make legs. Give the wood platform a coat of spray paint, and then let the paint dry
-Make a tube out of the wire netting, and use the 18-gauge wire to hold it in place.
-Place the wire tube on top of the wooden platform and use the staple gun to secure the tube to the platform.
-Slide the bamboo plant supports through the openings in the wire tube. Make sure the stakes go all different directions and don’t leave any large gaps.
-Fill the top of the tube with the ball pit balls, and the game is ready to play!

Giant Connect 4 (Hard)

DIY Giant Connect 4 – Activities for Children

How did your giant garden games turn out? Make sure to let us know on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! See you there 🙂

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It’s National Home Improvement Week and we’ve teamed up with different makers to bring you six projects to improve your home! These DIY projects are all suitable for beginners, and so everyone can get involved.

1. Rainbow Wall Painting

Bring the rainbow to any bedroom, children’s or not (no judgement here) with this painted rainbow by interior designer Melanie Lissack.

2. LED Volcano Light

Who doesn’t want a light that looks like a volcano?? Check out this creative project by Out Of The Woods!

3. Upcycled Plant Pot

With just a little twine or rope and a handy hot glue gun, MakeItSoph shows us how easy it is to upcycle a simple plant pot into something creative and unusual!

4. Cork Art Decor

Don’t throw away your corks – recycle them into an amazing wall art decal like Nino from Nin0craft. You can transform them into any shape you like!

national home improvement week month easy diy simple beginner projects cork map art decal wall

5. Sink Makeover

A simple thing like evaluating the size of objects in your house, and making sure each space is utilised in the best way, can be greatly beneficial in improving your home. KK Makes shows us with her sink makeover!
national home improvement week month easy diy simple beginner projects sink


5. Side Table With Built In Charger

Fed up of your chargers, wires and remote controls lying around everywhere? Well, Joe from Average Joe’s Joinery has come up with the perfect DIY side table – it has storage for your (one too many) remotes and an integrated power socket!

6. Lego Display Shelf

Who doesn’t love Lego?! What better way to display your favourite pieces than on this custom made Lego shelf. This is also fully adaptable as a display piece for other small items.
national home improvement week month easy diy simple beginner projects lego wall holder

Don’t forget…

Home Improvement doesn’t mean solely taking on huge projects. It can be the simple act of finding something you already own and embellishing it a little, or switching out one item that’s been getting on your nerves. This week, for National Home Improvement Week, why don’t you find a project to do around the house? If you do make or upcycle something, we’d love to see! Feel free to send us photos via our Facebook page, or the ‘Contact’ page on our site.

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