After the summer months outside it’s time to get back to the routine and put our house in order again. The bustle of people in the house with the whole family on holiday, visitors, open windows… All these things make our house suffer and we don’t have it as clean and tidy as we would like it to be. So it is time for an autumn cleaning blitz to get everything shipshape for the winter months.  

Although it is not an easy task and requires several days, we are going to give you some tips to do it effectively in the shortest possible time, although it can all be summed up in one word: organisation.

Autumn cleaning deep clean

Tip 1. Create an autumn cleaning schedule

The first thing to do is to draw up a cleaning schedule in which we divide the house by areas, tasks and days. If you don’t live alone at home, involve the other members of the family, this way it will be more effective and quicker. Keep in mind that it will not be a general cleaning but something much more thorough where we thoroughly clean things that we normally overlook. 

Tip 2. Wash your textiles

Autumn cleaning blitz: wash all textiles
Autumn cleaning blitz: wash all textiles

Don’t forget to wash all textiles as this is where dust tends to accumulate the most. Wash curtains, sofa covers and bed linen… as this is something we tend to put off and put off. Take the opportunity to give the rooms a new style by bringing out your favourite bedspread or renewing some cushions. Don’t forget to vacuum carpets, or if you want a more thorough clean, cover them with bicarbonate for a couple of hours before vacuuming. For stubborn stains, soak a cloth in cleaning vinegar and rub the surface, leave for a few minutes and then wipe with a damp cloth. In a matter of minutes you will have them as good as new. 

Tip 3. Wardrobe refresh 

Autumn cleaning: Wardrobe organisation
Wardrobe organisation

This is one of the tasks that takes up most of our time and that we put off for as long as possible, especially if there are a lot of us at home. Make it a day for yourself, put on some background music and take the opportunity to get rid of all those clothes you no longer wear. Separate them into three sections: to throw away, to donate and to keep, so the process will be easier. In a few hours, you’ll have your wardrobe organised and ready for autumn.

Tip 4. Use small household appliances

Although many people think that there is no better cleaning than the old-fashioned way of cleaning by hand, others take advantage of new technologies to get hold of a multitude of devices that make our lives easier and, best of all, save us time. If you have a robot floor hoover, run it for a while before cleaning to remove most of the dust, if you have a steamer, use it in the kitchen to remove grease, to clean bathroom tiles and even to disinfect mattresses and pillows. There are even automatic window cleaners that thoroughly clean both sides of the window. 

Tip 5. Autumn cleaning: attention to the smaller details

Clean door handles, intercoms and light switches
Clean door handles, intercoms and light switches

There are many items that we don’t normally pay much attention to, but we handle often and they are probably full of fingerprints and germs. Door handles, intercoms and light switches are good examples. To clean the latter, rub the surface with a cotton wool soaked in alcohol and if there are stains on the surrounding wall, use a cloth with lukewarm water and rub gently so as not to remove the paint, until they disappear.

Tip 6. Tidy up the pantry 

Organise your pantry
Organise your pantry

When we do the shopping we usually take the opportunity to rearrange all the products in the fridge, but when it’s time to put them in the cupboard, it becomes more difficult and we end up with everything mixed up on different shelves. With the help of a labelling machine, print out several small signs with the names of the different product groups and stick them on the front of boxes or baskets. This way you will have your pantry sorted by categories and it will also be easier to place and find what you need.

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