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We are running the ManoMano Home & Garden Makeover Giveaway Competition together with the Style Sisters and offering the opportunity for 3 lucky entrants to each win the below prize:

A ManoMano voucher of £200 which can be used from https://www.manomano.co.uk

The voucher can be used for only one purchase of a minimum of £201 on the full catalogue on  https://www.manomano.co.uk. The voucher will expire on 31/12/2021 at 23:59:59. 

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The winners will be selected at random from all valid entries received before the Closing Date. The draw will be made by using a specified tool for draws (InstaBom for Instagram and AgoraPulse for Facebook.)

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Official Competition Rules 

1. Who is running the Competition

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2. Eligibility 

To participate you must be resident in the UK and aged 18 or over. Employees (and immediate family members and households of employees) of ManoMano or any of its group companies, or its agencies or suppliers associated with this competition, are not eligible to enter. 

No purchase is necessary in order to enter. Only one entry per person is permitted.

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We all like to enjoy our privacy in our outdoor spaces and keep away from prying eyes or unsightly views. Here are some ideas on what privacy plants to grow alongside ways to build a plant screen for your balcony, garden or terrace so you can enjoy your outdoor oasis in private.

Privacy plants

The choices available to us for our plant screen will largely depend on the size of our balcony, terrace or garden. Bamboo, for example, is a great plant for privacy, but as it grows it can end up taking up a lot of useful space in a small balcony. 


Privacy plants for your balcony (C) shutterstock_1355766608

Boxwood is an evergreen (it does not lose its foliage) low maintenance plant, ideal for areas where the weather allows you to enjoy the outdoors for many months. 
It can be grown in full sun and in partial shade, and it can also withstand below zero temperatures in the winter.


Bamboo is a luscious way for balcony privacy (C) Franco Mariuzza

Bamboo grows very fast and is a plant resistant like few others, easily withstanding both direct sunlight in the summer, and very low temperatures in the winter. Its leaves sprout from the base of the stem, so it is ideal for building tall plant screens or barriers. It can be grown in pots or planters, although its height and growth will be limited to the available space: the bigger the planter, the taller the plant will grow.


Horsetail is a good plant for privacy (C) Alesah Villalon

Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale) is ideal for demarcating spaces or if we want to give our outdoor space a zen look. It can be grown in direct sunlight as well as in partial shade, and requires frequent watering, especially in the summer.


Hedges provide luscious privacy
(C) Wonderlane

We cannot fail to mention hedge plants, even though they are usually planted directly in the soil. The cherry laurel has glossy round leaves, and is perhaps the smoothest to the touch of all the hedging varieties. Thujas are much more dense, and can grow quite tall. They can all be grown in large pots or planters in order to achieve the desired density.

Climbing plants

Climbing plants can provide a privacy screen
Climbing plants provide a vertical screen

All climbing plants can create a more or less dense screen to provide some privacy. However, some of them lose their leaves in the autumn, so keep this in mind if you need your screen during the winter months as well.


Jasmine provides beautifully scented privacy (C) Shutterstock

Not only can jasmine provide us with a beautiful privacy screen, it will also allow us to enjoy its wonderful jasmine scent during the whole summer. It is a hardy plant, which can be grown in partial shade as well as in direct sunlight when mature. Be careful if you transplant it in the middle of summer to an outdoor area with a great deal of sunshine.


Luscious flowers for the garden
Bougainvillea (C) David Clode

This shrub can be grown in large pots or planters, and requires regular pruning if we want to guide its growth. If you have the space to grow it in a big pot, don’t hesitate to do so. Its blooming in summer is absolutely spectacular and will fill your terrace or balcony with gorgeous colour.


(C) Dalia Mu

If your balcony or terrace receives little direct sunlight, ivy will grow there very easily. You can guide its stems so that they attach to the balcony railing, or you can grow it as a hanging plant in pots or planters. Little by little you will manage to build a dense screen to keep your terrace safe from prying eyes. We must warn you, however, that both its leaves and fruit can be toxic when ingested. This is something to keep in mind if there are children or pets in the house.

Privacy plants: vertical structures, pots and planters

Privacy plants for your garden
(C) Shutterstock

In good-sized terraces we can combine tall pots and planters to divide the space, gain height for our plants and create a good privacy screen. At ManoMano you can find a great variety of options.

Stackable pots and vertical gardens can also provide some privacy if we place them in strategic places or hang them from the railings. We can grow flowers, ferns, scented herbs and small vegetables, all depending on the amount of sunlight available.

In addition to the plants themselves, planters, pots and planting structures can help us gain some further privacy.
On a balcony with railing, for example, we can grow all kinds of plants by placing some planters on the floor and hanging others from the railing. You will need to know how each of the plants grows, in order to achieve the privacy screen that you want. Lastly, let’s not forget that some plants can take longer to grow, so they won’t be able to create a privacy screen immediately. In these cases, we can use other, more conventional, solutions to gain privacy on our terraces or balconies, such as privacy screens, retractable side awnings or even roller blinds that we can roll out and back in at our pleasure.

Best privacy plants for your garden (C) Annie Spratt

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It’s starting to smell like BBQ season featuring afternoon snoozes in the sun in your favourite hammock. Whether you have a tiny patio or a sprawling garden, our Garden Living Sale will help you upgrade your outdoor space to take full advantage of warm weather and garden entertaining. We’ve put together a selection of products from our Sale to make you feel at home in your garden.

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As the seasons change and we have an extra minute of sunlight a day, the lure of spending time outdoors grows stronger and stronger. Once you’ve got your garden as luscious and colourful as you like, you can work on creating an idyllic garden patio set up to make outdoor entertaining a breeze. 

For further garden paradise inspiration and offers, head to ManoMano.co.uk.

Did you enjoy this article on the ManoMano Garden Living Sale? Perhaps you’d be interested in reading our BBQ buying guide or seeing our 4 tips on garden lighting.

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The UK has enjoyed 3 days straight of some much-welcome sun, and there is a renewed sense of optimism as spring approaches. Now is a great time to head out into the garden and plan a colourful and lively space for the summer months ahead. We’ve collected a list of some of the essential March gardening jobs to help spark some inspiration and creativity.


Grow sweet peas in the garden in March
(C) Gemma Evans
  • Now that the soil has warmed up enough to be workable, this is a great time to mulch your garden beds. One of the top March gardening jobs, mulching helps to introduce new nutrients into the soil and discourage weeds. Before getting started, make sure that your bed has been thoroughly weeded. Dig a layer organic matter at least 5 cm deep into the soil. Ensure that you leave a gap around the stem of any plants.
  • By the last week of March you should be able to plant out any young plants that you have hardened off. When planting, gently tease out some roots to encourage the plant to get established.  If the ground is already moist you don’t need to water it in, but do give it a drink of water before you remove it from the pot.
  • March is the month to plant any summer flowering bulbs you have bought. Double-check that bulbs have sufficient drainage when planting, if not they may rot. Alliums, Begonias and Gladioli are all excellent summer flowering bulbs that bring a splash of colour wherever they are placed.
  • Tending to your roses is best done in late winter before new growth has started appearing. Although pruning techniques vary between different types of roses, these are some basic guidelines. Always wear gloves to protect against thorns and keep your secateurs sharp. Make sure to leave 5mm above a bud and angle angle the cut away from the bud. For this type of pruning you are looking to cut out dead, diseased, and spindly stems.


Essential gardening jobs in March
(C) Eugenia Romanova
  • If you are raring to go and want to plant seeds out as soon as possible, then take this opportunity to start warming up the soil. Cover your beds with sheets of black plastic or cloches to give it a head start. This covering technique can also be used to encourage an early crop of strawberries or rhubarb.
  • Once the soil reaches 6°C you can start sowing your first lines of seeds outside. For these initial seeds it is best to start with broad beans or sweet peas. Help your your sweet peas by soaking them overnight before you plant them. It is possible to start growing some salad now, but plants tend to grow better when the ground has been warmed up.
  • Shallots and onion sets can be planted out in suitably warm soil. Plant them in a warm, sunny area. If you are buying any bulbs from the garden centre, avoid ones that are already shooting as these are likely to bolt during summer.
  • Now that the weather is warming up, slugs are starting to come out in force. Take this opportunity to prevent slugs from invading and eating up your young plants. There are a variety of slug deterrents and pellets widely available, but you can also use a more natural approach. Beer traps can draw slugs away from your seedlings, or you can remove them by hand and dispose of them at your discretion. Alternatively, slugs do not enjoy crawling over broken eggshells or copper, these materials can be placed as a barrier around plants.


(C) Curro Mali
  • This is a good time to turn your attention to potted plants and give them a pot upgrade. Move plants into larger pots, and give them a generous amount of compost. As you are potting out the plants, tease out the roots out to encourage them to get established.
  • While repotting plants, take the time to check for vine weevils. At this time of year the larvae start to hatch and become active, so taking action now can prevent a more serious infestation later on. Examine the rootball of plants as you repot, looking out for small maggots that are a white-ish, creamy colour with an orange head.
  • Starts seeds for celery, celeriac, french beans and cauliflower ready to be planted out later on. You can also try growing plant plugs to get a large number of plants for relatively low cost. If you haven’t managed to get yours seeds going in time, plant plugs are a good alternative.

Source:  ww.rhs.org.uk

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We all love spending time outdoors in the spring and summer, when we get to enjoy our terrace, patio or balcony full of flowers and colour. The chillier days do not mean that we have to stop growing flowers outdoors or enjoy our winter garden. Here are 4 outdoor plants that we can easily grow in the colder months.

Winter garden: Cyclamen

Cyclamen thrives in winter gardens
Cyclamen thrives in the winter

Cyclamen are bulbous winter plants which bloom in cold temperatures. You can buy the bulbs and then plant them, or you can save some time and buy them in flower pots. They come in regular and miniature sizes, and the new hybrids offer amazing colours for your garden.

  • Light and temperature: they thrive in bright locations without direct sunshine. Avoid keeping them indoors, as your heating at home can affect them. Put them in a cold room, or better yet, just simply enjoy them outdoors.
  • Watering: Overwatering can rot the bulb, so the best way to water them is by immersion once a week. Submerge the pot in a bucket of water during 10 minutes, and then let it drain well before putting it back in its place.
  • Fertiliser: use a fertiliser for flower plants at the beginning of the blooming period, not before. Fertilise it regularly, as recommended by the manufacturer, in order to enjoy its beautiful flowers for many months.
  • Remove any wilted flowers regularly to encourage new blooms, which can continue well into spring.

Winter garden: Calluna

Calluna plants
Calluna plants

Calluna “duo” tins are pots in which two calluna plants of different colours have been planted. The end result is a beautiful and harmonious combination of both.

Calluna is a type of heather available in shades ranging from pale pink to fuchsia. It combines very well with other plants, making it ideal for multi-coloured arrangements in pots, planters and flower beds.

  • Light and temperature: it prefers bright locations without direct sunshine, as it could affect its flowering. It is ideal for balconies which do not get much light in the winter.
  • Watering: calluna is a plant that needs constant moisture, so you might need to water it between 3 and 4 times a week. However, make sure that you avoid waterlogging, as it can cause fungi to appear.
  • Fertiliser: use a fertiliser specific for flowering plants, rich in phosphorus and potassium, so that it can cope with low temperatures.

Winter garden: Primroses

Primroses work well with other plants
Primroses work well with other plants

Primroses are short plants and are therefore perfect for combinations with other plants, such as bulbous ones.

In areas with mild winters, primroses can be transplanted in winter. In colder areas, we will have to wait until the arrival of spring, which is the reason why in some languages, another name for the primrose is spring.

  • Light and temperature: it cannot withstand frost or direct sunshine. Primroses flower better in bright spots in the shade.
  • Watering: they prefer the substrate to be always moist, so we will have to adjust our watering schedule to the type of substrate used. Avoid getting the flowers wet as much as possible.
  • Fertiliser: as with the previously mentioned plants, we will use a fertiliser for flowering plants, following the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging as to how much and how often to add (usually it is added every 15 days) to the soil.

Winter garden: Ornamental cabbage

Ornamental cabbage can be a good addition to your winter garden
Ornamental cabbage can be a good addition to your winter garden

Packets of ornamental cabbage seeds include a mix of different colours. You can plant the seeds at the end of the summer, or if you prefer, you can buy already germinated plants in the autumn and winter.

We are indeed including cabbages in our list, yes! These ornamental varieties are rustic, beautiful and great for combining with other plants. They come in pink, red, yellow and white, offering great and beautiful colour contrast. And better yet, they require minimal care.

  • Light and temperature: just like the cabbages grown in the vegetable patch, these ornamental cabbages adore sunshine and can easily withstand low temperatures.
  • Watering: they need to be watered regularly to keep the soil moist, which must never completely dry in-between waterings.

Fertiliser: ornamental cabbage is beautiful because of the contrasting colours of its leaves, but it is not a flowering plant. We will therefore use a universal fertiliser or an organic one such as manure, worm castings or compost.

Snail traps can help protect your winter garden
Snail traps can help protect your winter garden

Snail traps are both environmentally friendly and very effective. They are buried at ground level and filled with beer. Yes, you heard that right! Snails do love the smell of beer and it attracts them inside.

One more thing to finish this post about winter plants. When they are grown in the ground, they tend to attract both snails and slugs. If you grow them on a terrace or balcony, you won’t have a problem with this pest, but in the garden it is almost a must to use repellents or snail traps.

Do you want to tell us which outdoor plants you grow in the winter? Which are your favourites and why? Do you have any tips that you would like to share with us? We would love to read your comments.

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