Whether you’ve found yourself stuck at home solo, partnered up or with a family, you are not alone in wondering how to keep busy in the coming weeks. Whether it’s for a house in the countryside or a flat in the city, we’ve got lots of ideas to keep busy at home during this period. The next few weeks are an ideal opportunity for finally tackling your home and garden (or balcony!) DIY projects. So go on, make the most of this time to create, repair, organise or even redecorate your cozy living space.

A breath of fresh air, a splash of paint

Creative painting projects for the whole family

Painting a wall often feels like the beginning of a new chapter. What’s more, it’s often just the ticket when you want to breathe new life into your living space. Start by choosing the wall you want to paint and then pick out the colour you want. We’ve got more clever painting tips and projects below for a range of styles and desired effects!

Bringing the outdoors inside: how to create a garden corner

Indoor gardening

A convenient and timely trend, creating your own garden corner indoors serves as a daily reminder of nature’s beauty – and bounty! Here are some ideas for keeping your plants fit and fabulous:

Fun projects for kids off school

Drawing & colouring are a great pass time

Keeping children busy is a whole new job in itself! Here are some projects that can help you pass the time while having fun with your family.

Landscaping inspiration for your garden

Birdhouses are a great addition

For those who are lucky enough to get out in their garden, it’s the perfect time to set up your outdoor space. Here are a list of ideas to keep you busy and prepare for Spring!

Get a jump on your spring cleaning & repairing

Spring clean your home

Now that a new – and hopefully sunny – season is upon us, it’s time to make our homes shine bright! Here are some ideas for successful spring cleaning & repairs:

Décor-enhancing ideas for every room in the house

Wall decoration ideas

DIY not quite your thing? You can still give your space a personal touch with these brilliant decorating ideas to keep you busy at home!

Armed with these 50 inspirations and a little motivation, remember: YOU CAN DO IT!

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