Longer days, hotter temperatures, more time to spend in the garden – summer is finally here! With both the unexpected heatwaves and the rainy days characteristic of the Great British Summer, it is important to maintain a healthy garden so it can flourish all summer long. That’s why we’ve created your very own garden to do list to get you started!

Here are the top five tips for your garden to do list:

1. Be a morning person


the handy mano manomano garden to do list morning

Did you know that the summer heat can cause stress to outdoor plants? For a healthy garden, we advise you to get up early and water your plants before the sun comes up. This is so your plants have time to absorb the water before the hot sun is out around mid-day. Remember to keep cold water off the leaves and focus on watering the soil at the base of the plant!

2. Know your lawn

the handy mano manomano garden to do list lawnmower lawn

How often your lawn needs a watering depends on a wide variety of factors, including things like soil type, sunlight, grass type and climate.  Explore your garden’s soil type to understand how and when your lawn need a drink. On average, most lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to stay lush and green. There are many different kinds of sprinklers on the market to suit your lawn, including smart timers that gauge many variants to optimise your grass and maintain a healthy garden.

Top tip! Don’t water your lawn at night. It makes them more susceptible to disease development!

3. Choose your plants well

the handy mano manomano garden to do list flowers geraniums

You should choose plants that are suited to the climatic factors around you, such as sunlight, heat and water requirements – this should be at the top of your garden to do list! We recommend Begonias, Sweet Peas, Geraniums and Rudbeckia, as these plants thrive throughout the summer and can survive during those shadier days.

4. Attack those weeds

the handy mano manomano garden to do list rake weeding

Let the sun’s heat weed your garden by solarizing the soil. Covering bare soil tightly with clear plastic for 2 to 4 weeks can kill weed seeds in the top few inches of the soil.  A hot dry afternoon with a bit of a breeze is the best time to kill weeds. This will desiccate the weeds before they have a chance to re-root. Dry soil also flows better around the blade of a hoe, which limits clogging.

Top tip! Continue to hoe off weeds in dry weather, as if done in wet weather, the weeds are liable to re-root.

5. Keep the water in

he handy mano manomano garden to do list pot plants

Due to the drainage in pots, they can often loose water quickly, which can affect the plants, veggies or herbs that you’re growing within them. To help your pots and plants retain water for longer, use products such as water saving crystals or soil wetter, which will help by absorbing water, and then re-releasing back into the soil it slowly over time as required.

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