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12 Easy And Cheap DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

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Nothing tastes like a summer evening as much as toasted marshmallows, so make sure you get your s’mores injection this summer with a DIY fire pit. Although they can look intimidating to make, a DIY fire pit doesn’t have to be complicated. These 12 outdoor fire pit ideas can help inspire you to get your DIY on ready for this summer. Prepare to fully enjoy those long summer evenings by the comforting crackle of your fire pit.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

1. Concrete Block Fire Pit

This stylish, circular fire pit design is the classic. This simple fire pit will last for years to come and provide the perfect ambience for many thrilling campfire stories.

2. Tabletop Fire Pit

This chic fire pit is a elegant alternative to the traditional garden pit. Although you probably won’t be using it to cook anything, it will bring a touch of luxury to your patio. Just add your favourite garden furniture set nearby and enjoy watching the flames flicker.

3. Half Wall Fire Pit

If you are someone who is particularly safety conscious, this fire pit with a half wall is a great pick. The added stone paving around the pit reduces the possibility of the fire escaping, while the wall protects the area behind.

4. Brick And Stone Pit

Another classic round design, this DIY fire pit design looks stunning with a rustic, stone exterior. Using fireproof bricks on the inside ensures that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later on and painting them black maintains the general rustic appearance.

5. Concrete Tree Rings Fire Pit

This petite fire pit stands out for its unusual design and colour. Now that scalloped edges are currently on trend, this is the most fashionable fire pit in our list!

6. Washing Machine Drum Pit

If you’re looking for something simple and portable, this basic fire pit is a great solution. Not only will it keep you warm, and look great while doing so, but it’s a great upcycling project.

7. Simply Circular

If you aren’t interested in digging up any parts of your lawn, you can follow this easy guide instead. By using tiles and sand to create a fireproof base you can avoid any backbreaking digging.

8. Concrete Fire Pit

If building blocks aren’t so much your style, then you can keep things simple with a concrete pit. Build your forms, mix, and pour for a stunning square fire pit. Make sure that you include another material between the concrete and the fire.

9. All Squared Away

If a concrete square is a little too spartan for your tastes, but a circle seems passé, try a concrete block square! Using blocks in a square avoids the time consuming process of cutting the blocks to fit into a tidy circle.

10. Brick Fire Pit

Old bricks are great for a variety of  clever DIY projects, not least building a pretty fire pit! This fire pit idea keeps things simple with minimal materials and all of them cheap!

11. Tractor Tyre Rim

Although not everyone has access to tractor tyres, it is also possible to do use car rims to achieve a mini version of this fire pit. Using the rim provides you with a perfect circle form and avoids any digging!

12. Crazy Paving

Make your fire pit stand out from the rest with this unusual tiling. This is one of the simplest and most effective DIY fire pit ideas, it goes to show that one small change can affect the whole look of your pit. Maybe you have some of your own creative designs in mind after seeing these DIY fire pit ideas…?


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