Any painting project, large or small, becomes a huge task if it starts to go wrong…  But a lick of paint can transform the entire feeling of a room or object and doing it yourself saves money and can be very rewarding. Our 10 painting tips for beginners will ensure that your next project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Painting Tips for Beginners

1. Prepare your surface

This isn’t a trick, but it will save you a lot of time and frustration down the line, so it’s crucial to have it as one of our our painting tips for beginners! Before you start painting, make sure that your surface is fully prepared. This involves ensuring that it has been scraped, sanded, filled and patched as required to ensure a smooth surface.

painting Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano Painting Tips for Beginners

2. Tint your primer

A tip from the professionals: mixing a small amount of the topcoat colour into your primer will enable the topcoat to hide the primed surface completely.

painting tricks Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano Painting Tips for Beginners

3. Invest in canvas

Although canvas drop cloths cost more than the plastics ones, they are worth the investment. Canvas absorbs dripped paint instead of becoming dangerous and slippery. The material wraps around obstacles completely, does not become a wrinkly trip hazard and, finally, it is durable enough to be reused many times.

painting tricks canvas drop cloth Handy Mano ManoMano Mano Mano Handymano Painting Tips for Beginners

4. Chill your brushes

Save yourself time between days of painting with this trick, by avoiding cleaning your brushes every time. Remove excess paint from your brushes or rollers and then wrap them tightly in clingfilm. You can double wrap to be sure that the air is kept out and then leave them in the fridge overnight. Remove them 30 minutes before you start painting and then get cracking.

painting tricks cling film Painting Tips for Beginners

5. Get a paint grid

Save yourself the messy frustration of trying to roll paint out onto a tray by getting yourself a paint grid. The grid locks into a bucket enabling you to dip your roller and remove excess paint against the screen in one simple movement.

painting tricks paint grid Painting Tips for Beginners

6. Rubber bands

Save your hands and clothes from drips by stretching a rubber band across the top of your paintcan to easily wipe excess paint of your brushes.

painting tricks brush cleaning Painting Tips for Beginners

7. Mix your paint

For a big room you may require more than one can of paint. To ensure that you get a consistent colour all over mix all the cans together in one big bucket at the start.

painting tricks pouring paint Painting Tips for Beginners


8. Cover your trays

If you’re still using paint trays with your roller, cover the tray in aluminium foil or a plastic bag before you pour on the paint. Once you’re done simply remove the aluminium and admire your instantly clean tray.

painting tricks aluminium foil tray Painting Tips for Beginners


9. Cut your tape

One you’ve painted your trim, taped it off (save yourself time and always start with the trim) and let your walls dry it’s time to reveal your beautifully finished walls. To take the tape off cleanly, slice along the it with a sharp utility knife as you pull. This will break the film of paint over the top and ensure clean lines all round.

painters tape painting tricks Painting Tips for Beginners

10. Wrap your cans

Opening up a paint can with dried paint around the lid can be a herculean task, save yourself the effort by putting a layer of plastic wrap over the can before you close it.

painting tricks paint can Painting Tips for Beginners


We hope that our painting tips for beginners helped transfer you from a beginner and at least into more of a DIY-er! 😉

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